Taco truck on Lemon Grove west of Western by the Smart and Final

Went for a walk, ran across a truck, saw cemitas on the menu thought I’d give a it a try. Very delicious milanesa de res. My companion had a regular taco al pastor, sopes carnitas, and a mulita with lengua. All the meats were great as were the two different red chili based salsas - the spread on my cemita was spicy but not overblown and the red salsa with my friend’s stuff was really outstanding. Smokey and garlicy with a good amount of heat. I don’t think I’d been aware of a mulita (basically a quesadilla with more stuffing) before - it was really good. Interestingly I didn’t spy the word “Poblano” anywhere (usually present on my cemita truck experiences), so I don’t know how regionally consistent the menu was or if this truck has a specialty - There were a lot of options from seafood tacos to menudo. Pretty cheap. Tacos $1.25 each and sized accordingly, though not the smallest I’ve ever seen, and the other items were a couple bucks for substantially more heft. My cemita was $6 and was also a solid amount of food, though I do think I’ve had similar for $5 near Culver City.