Tacolandia 2017


Tickets go on sale tomorrow. Who’s in?

My plan is to hit up the Mexico places first.

Those who been in the past is the VIP worth it?


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W[quote=“JeetKuneBao, post:1, topic:5358”]
Those who been in the past is the VIP worth it?

Depends how much you drink. If the answer is “enough” then yes. If you don’t drink VIP is pretty worthless.

Go early. Go very very early.

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Bring and use lots of sunscreen.

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Does this mean like get there before doors open early?

I just bought tickets for the first time and aint sure what Im in for.

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Type in TACOBLOG for the promo code for early tickets.

Don’t be a potato like me

I’m in btw. Bought the VIP

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Yes. I got there about 45 mins early last time and it still took me 15-30 minutes to get in after doors opened. This is in the VIP line.

Hi @Ns1 or Anyone -

The VIP’s are sold-out. But I’m curious for future reference.

  1. Why only if you drink a lot?
  2. Isn’t there a cash bar for regular ticket holders too?
  3. Do they set a limit on how many drinks with a regular ticket?
  4. Is that too many questions?


last time we got 4 drink tix valued at 5 bucks each, so if you drink the VIP cost is essentially same price as the regular ticket, except you get all the extra bonus stuff too. BUT there is no bonus hour for VIP, so if you don’t drink, the extra stuff isn’t worth the $20 upcharge or w/e IMO.

yes there are multiple cash bars; the VIP area has it’s own bar with a usually shorter line.

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Ahhh, I see. Great. Thanks!

I will be there serving tacos but I have yet to announce what I am planning to do.


Anybody need tickets? I have two general admission tickets that I’m willing to sell at a discount. My damn friend is having his engagement party that same day :frowning:

Could sell the pair for 75, which is 25 bucks cheaper than two tickets cost with the fees.

(To the mods, if this is uncool, take it down/my bad!)

Oh that damn friend.

Let me check with my 2 friends who were wavering about going.

Many thanks!

I texted her. We’ll see.

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Hi @set0312 -

I heard from my friend last night. She thinks the other friend already bought tix, but is checking with her this morning. We’ll see.

If all else fails, do you have a special someone you could gift them to? An early bday gift or something? :wink:

Hi @TheCookie, thanks for the effort. As for special someones, they are all going to this damn engagement party!

Though I could give you an FTC discount of 50 dollars. So basically buy one get one free!

Oh shucks. That would’ve been great. We bought our tix a while ago and I haven’t heard back from my friend.

Hard to believe nobody else on FTC has taken you up on the offer.

These events are great in paper but most are drawn out punishment.

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Uh oh. I suspected as much, based on the activity on this thread. But I want to go at least once.