Tacomiendo, is the location on Gateway and Pico, still open

thanks guys.

@kevin, did Google ban you?


I thought it looked dark the past few times I passes by the fucking joint.

Just keep going and turn left at shunji

Looked open when I drove by last week at night.

sweet. i’m overdue on a fucking visit.

but the aftermath is definitely not a pretty fucking site.


just joined this site…CH, RIP…Kevin, ya gave me a heart attack with your? …Tacomiendo is my go to …havent driven by in a week…you fear monger! hope the free bean pot is empty next time youre there…ha,ha!

@lapizzamaven: we’ve been waiting for you!!! :smile:

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My fucking bad. False call.

All is good!

@lapizzamaven! Welcome! Glad to see you. :smile:

Drove by there last night and snapped a quick & crappy photo. It appears to be very much open, and busy, with lots of diners inside.

Don’t be starting false rumors, kevin… :slight_smile:

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Closing it’s doors Dec 31, 2018.



Kevin + Nostradamus = Gastrodamus

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Big Time Bummer

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Oh man, that sucks…and another god damned housing project…I’ll have to get over there a few times before they close! great corn tortillas!

Is the Tacomiendo Culver City location as good as the Gateway location?

The food is good at CC Tacomiendo although the seating area is smaller. Parking is pain as is in gateway

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