Tacos 1986 BEVERLY

Holy moly! I just drove by and made a Uturn to get this picture. This is quite exciting of a development for this area. We have nothing here for legit tacos.

I’m just praying to the lord JGold that they bring the charcoal action

Beverly / n Alta Vista!!!


Nice meal before a New Bev double feature.



That space has been so many things over the decades I have lived here. I think I loved an Indian joint there, Once Upon a Time (in Hollywood).


The Indian place is right there to the right of it rebranded as Cardamom. I have no idea what this corner lot used to be. Never been

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Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf


Wild at Heart, Bride of Frankenstein, True Romance, Badlands… so much else all playing in February!


Westwood location looks close to its February opening.

Jeez. How aggressive is their expansion?

Damn it I wish I tried 1986 in the early Hollywood/Ktown days.

Seems like only Joy can be trusted?

I’d be worried about quality based on feedback on the 1986 other thread when Sergio is not in the kitchen.

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Is that the old Simplethings location?

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I haven’t even visited downtown since i saw the tubs of precooked meat and gas cooking. That’s not the same tacos we all fell in love with. If this location has charcoal i’ll be going though. we have NOTHING decent here and dont say petty cash (what an offensive choice of a restaurant name)


It is!

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Westwood location is now open. They’re giving away a free taco from 5pm to 10pm today (Friday, February 7th)!


Went today. In the food desert of Westwood Village, it is an oasis. It does not measure up to great east side taco places, but as I ate an adobada vampiro with nice spice for a few bucks, it was hard to care.


Hmmm… Will be in Westwood for a work dinner tomorrow. Perhaps it’s time for a bang-bang? I’m too lazy to search through threads; what should I order here?

there’s no f’n consensus. every damn item seems to be polarizing.

i love the asada, others find it too salty
some love the adobada, it does nothing for me
others on this board love the mushroom, I thought it was a mess.

and then there are others that hate everything including the main guy.



inconsistency and/or subjectivity?

LOL, yes, but I love this post. I’ve been thinking about it and hoping peeps don’t think I’m disparaging or yucking their yum. I don’t really think about anyone but myself when I’m yucking Tacos 1986. I actually like that you guys like them, because I want you to be happy. :blush:

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