Tacos Don Manolito?

I hadn’t heard of this place until this Eater LA piece.
Anyone been?

I went opening weekend, thought it was pretty cool. Didn’t have anything that blew me away, but I want to go back and try more. I liked the ruedo and the costeño campechano. Salsas were good. Rajas didn’t work super well for me, but were just bland not offensive. At the very least it’s a nice option for the area if you aren’t feeling like carnitas (Flaco).


we had done a fairly large opening piece, plus our IG of it got substantial engagement.

I thought the food was pretty good, though a style of taco I’m not quite used to (I had more guisados in CDMX). I’m sort of with Srsly in that I want to go back and try more.


I thought the tacos and the tortillas I had there were outstanding.

Loved it.

Maja with rib eye and flour tortilla

Costeño Campechano and corn tortilla