Tacos el Gavilan

How is it? It’s on sunset and labrea.
What meat is the best?

al pastor is best. don’t get the asada.

sopes / salsa bar / pineapple drink also good.

it’s basically a king taco - 3x as much meat on their tacos as king of grill across the street, for the same price. although I like KoG’s style better, I go to TeG now due to QPR.

Wow. 3x more for the same fucking price ???

$6 for this and a medium drink.


TRied it; since I don’t do mammals, my choices were kinda limited. Salsa bar was good, place was clean, but pollo was kinda meh. Where’s LA’s best pollo taco?



I like King Taco, I’ll try it. Was looking for a good Sopes.

What so does Ricky’s have fucking Spiny lobster tacos now or what ???

NS1: OK, that just hurts. Why shouldn’t there be a GOOD pollo taco to be had?

For me, Chipotle’s chicken tacos are legitimately good because they use decent quality chicken that is actually then grilled, which leaves it a smoky flavor. I’ve gone to countless taco stands and gotten pollo tacos that were just shredded or steamed chicken that leaves me WTF.

Now that said, I would imagine a place like POP’S CHICKEN in Sun Valley would do great pollo tacos, since they do their chicken outside on charcoal AND make their own tortillas. I have not yet had them yet because I usually just get the chicken + tortillas.


Their sopes are on the same level, but the salsa bar (ie free grilled jalapenos) makes TeG better than KT for me.

hey ns:

how does pop’s chicken compare to don zarape at vineland and burbank?

For chicken ONLY as DZ has a much larger menu, I think I prefer Pop’s - the chicken is way more seasoned and the tortillas are better. For sides, Pop’s has terrible salsa, terrible chips, ok rice, and good refried beans.

I think El Pollo Unico is still my favorite overall package for this style of chicken.

yeah, besides the outdoor grilled chicken and chorizo at don zarape, there’s nothing else i want to eat. and the tortillas
aren’t great. i will check out those other two, thanks.

Shoulda figured. Unico is around the corner. Teaches me to go lookin’ for strange birds…

yelp has a sole picture of pollo tacos from pop’s chicken. if i get back there and remember, I’ll do you a solid and buy a chicken taco and take a pic/report back.