Tacos el sapo

This taco truck now lives at redondo blvd. and Adams, across from ranch market. Was pretty crowded on Friday night. I had already eaten, but stopped so I could see the name of the truck. Someone try it. :smiley:

tacos el sapo

What makes it worth trying?


Most everyone here adventures all the time. There are hundreds of places to drive to with reasons for doing so lol

Recommended! I have stopped there the last two Sunday evenings.

Fresh and tasty. Good salsas and condiments.

Haven’t tried, but the cabeza taco seems popular.

is this the same el sapo that carries the al pastor trompo as the one in East LA?

that’s the truck that was there when I stopped and got the name.

what meats do you recommend?

Wow. Had no fucking clue that Spagos was serving tacos now.

Never thought I’d see the fucking day.

Oh well. Shit happens.

I don’t eat meat so can’t recommend but most of the sizable crowd was there for meat tacos.

I just moved back to LA and the street food scene has improved greatly. All kinds of taco and BBQ set-ups below the 10.

You got that right. I just moved back below the ten, and I’m loving the food choices.

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most people were doing: al pastor, cabeza… and I tossed in the buche (right bottom). not that i eat $1 tacos these days but… Sapo consistently had one of the longest lines in East LA back in '13-'14, before that fancy “lobster” shit down the street made any headlines.

i really liked the condiment bars, especially the pickled onion+habanero combo. hot as fuck…

Why don’t you like Tacos Cuernavaca? Just because it got press?

We like to eat?

How was the food? My favorite is al pastor. I keep thinking that pineapple is a piece of cheese.

what in fuck’s name is Tacos Cuernavocia ???

Again, thousands of places to get food and eat in LA.

I usually need some kind of reason other than mere hunger to specifically drive an hour to go to some place.

best was the al pastor.

might’ve been best in East Los until Tamix opened up on Atlantic. But now Tamix left :disappointed_relieved: :cry: it’s back to Sapo again.