Tacos la Carreta

This place deserves its own thread. Best asada in town, hands down. Only place I’ve had comparable asada is tacos el yaqui in Rosarito which is a Sonoran style spot.

Tacos la carreta is on the LA times 101, won taco madness and is on the Esparza essential taco list. His online persona can be a bit polarizing but he knows his tacos. He wrote about them here:

The quality and preparation of the meat is exceptional smoky and savory while still be juicy. Condiments elevated and melded with meat without clashing or overtaking the meats. The lard on the chorreada takes the slightly crisped tortilla to another level. Torito also elevates the standard quesadilla. Never been a fan of cabbage in meat tacos but it seems to work with this preparation

Had both asada and tripas, dont miss out on the tripas if you like offal. So damn good! 2 locations one brick and mortar and one truck. Got lucky that they had early hours today.


That LBC location is pretty close to La Rueda and Birote Deli, pretty solid bang bang bang!


What’s the go to at birote deli?

Haven’t been yet! But it’s from the Macheen dude and the menu looks dope to me, been on my list for a while now.


Got @hungryhungryhippos ’fluenced.

The tortio is really good maybe the best taco in LBC/SELA area? Slight personal annoyance with the salsas/condiments in a tightly knotted baggie I rather just take what I need (all 4 salsas are great btw).


Love it did you try the tripa?

I did not. I will next time. I like them extra extra crispy if they can

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