Tacos Puntas Cabras - Fried Pumpkin Taco Special - wow!

Special pumpkin taco - Fried pumpkin, beet jelly, avocado, etc.

photo from TPC’s twitter feed


Oh… That looks incredible!

Maybe one day w/ their extended hrs, I’ll finally be able to get one of their specials!!!

been there 4 or 5 times – not one time has there been a special available…still like the coctels and tostadas, just sayin

It ain’t easy, specials are not there all that often, you have to ask and they don’t usually write them on the specials part of the menu.
Or check their facebook

thanks – was beginning to wonder if they just make em for on line photo posts only!


pumpkin, beet jelly, avocado, etc

All healthy stuff, too!

WoW! ….any idea how long this will be offered?

Too bD I can’t get there on weekdays and they probably close by 6pm.

I just ordered two. As far as I could tell the special is today only… but it’s not very good. Honestly.

The last special I had at TPC was a scallop tostada with roasted peanuts and homemade banana catsup, and it was ASTONISHING.

Unfortunately, this one is nowhere near that standard. It’s bland, actually, very bland. The pumpkin is pre-roasted before being fried in tempura, but it’s not terribly sweet or flavorful. And instead of using pepitas, they’ve used the leathery shelled pumpkin seeds from a decorative pumpkin or a pie pumpkin… I wouldn’t really recommend it. They encouraged me to slather it in their lemon salsa, which I love, but which totally overpowered the other flavors.

Not a great experience.

Sorry to hear that.
The one I had was great - clear disttinct flavors of the beets and pumpkin and seeds.
But I knew not to put the pineapple sauce on - I like it with a stronger dish. Not this one. It is overwhelming.

that pineapple salsa is beyond fucking dope.

shit, hmm, maybe i’ll skip.

and just hit up the tried and true fish tacos there.

hopefully they’ll have the $9 two-bite tempura lobster taco with vadouvan spice sauce once again.

or i’ll just complete with a fucking cauliflower tostada.

According to their website, they close at 8PM.

No pumpkin today :frowning:

whomp whomp

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I’m sure they realize that this is forcing them to do what they should’ve done before they signed the lease at that first location. I’ve passed on them so many times because of parking and traffic issues, or as my wife has commented many times, " bad feng shui!"


I am so totally in this same boat. Trying to remember … what’s the parking situation like around 11th and Broadway? Isn’t that near Funnel Mill?

I think I now understand why Langer’s costs $15 for a sandwich - free parking.


TPC should be about a block east of FM. Parking isn’t great around there (Santa Monica and easy parking are mutually exclusive for the most part, right?) but it’s far far better than 23rd and SM, where there is NO legit parking for blocks.

I’ve actually not had too much of a problem in that area. It’s near Pono Burger and Sweetfin, I think, and there’s reasonable metered marking on both side of the street (and I think some limited parking on side street) for blocks and blocks. Close to Lincoln, but still far enough from 3rd Street so that you don’t get all that horrible traffic.

Admittedly, I do not normally visit Sweetfin on a weekday, though.

VASTLY superior in terms of access vs. the last location (which was horrid).

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