Tahini brands

Tried this stuff I think because I read this:

Just threw out the last half of a jar today because I found it bitter and unpleasant.

My usual is the 32-oz. jar of Mid-East, which is only a couple of bucks more than the little jar of Soom.


That’s odd. I use soom all the time and fine it less bitter than the mid east brand


I believe I started using Soom after hearing Michael Solomonov endorsing it (which is mentioned in the article). My inexperienced palate didn’t find it overly bitter in comparison to other brands but I also can’t tell what’s to recommend in it.


This LA chef, used to live in Tel Aviv, swears by Har Bracha.

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Where can I get raw tahini in LA? I just got some rancho Gordon garbanzos

Sprouts? Erewhon for sure.