Taipei Trip Report (Nov 2019)

We were in Taipei last month (and managed to hit Japan was well :grin:). This was my first time in Taiwan, and I gotta say I was really impressed by the food (even with the high expectations).

Yong He Soy Milk King
Egg rice roll and of course soy milk with fried you tiao - great cheap way to start one’s day

We went to Yeh Liu geo park and then our driver took us to a restaurant near the water. They had tanks of live seafood and fresh greens - we chose some tiger prawns and rock cod (IIRC) with some greens - really fresh and delicious

Then went out to a Hakka town an hour away and went to this restaurant with a much of Hakka food. I highly recommend it if you schlep out - had to take quick snaps since we were with family. A couple dishes with braised pork, some very nice orange chicken, lotus roots, and fern shoots. And the best damn version of mochi with peanuts I’ve ever had.

Some dried persimmons done in a modern Hakka style - ridiculous!

Raohe night market
Got the obligatory pepper bun and it was delicious! Also the spiral fries and ubiquitous golden lava buns

Shaved snow in Jiufen- this was a random place that we walked into, but it was the best shaved snow I’ve ever had - those taro balls have the toothsome texture and fragrance that Meet and Greet’s lack

Almond milk shaved snow - this was a chain

Sunny Hills They used dried fresh pineapples without any winter melon filler

Formosa This classical Taiwanese restaurant might have served the best meal we had on this leg of the trip -we went twice
Fern greens

Sautéed clams

Salt and pepper squid

Congee with I believe squash

Lotus roots

Three cup chicken (delish!!!)

More rice cake

The crab special

A Northern Chinese restaurant (need to dig up the name later)

Perhaps the best scallion pancake I’ve ever had -like a Chicago pan pizza

Some tasty-but-super-phallic-looking rolls


Had a bunch more dishes but was with family so didn’t snap everything :slight_smile:

Some random noodle shop next to the electronics outpost - proof not all noodles in Taipei are superlative :slight_smile:

Ningxia Night Market

Liu Yu Zai taro balls - these were meh and definitely not worth the wait for me

Dude blowtorching filet mignon cubes - grisly, but outstanding for $3

Durian King - dang this golden lava durian ball was so decadent if you like durian (I love the stuff)

Lin Dong Fan noodles outpost at the airport - even though this was airport food, the broth was ridiculous - light yet beefy and so complex


Glad you enjoyed your first trip to TPE!

Oh man, thanks for the reminder for me to write up my trip as well. I was in Taiwan the same time (but for like the umpteenth to see family lol).


Looking forward to your post!

A lot of my In laws live there, so looks like I’ll be making lots of return trips (twist my arm).


Love the tarts from Sunny Hills. Did you try the Musang King Roulade?

Did you hit any boba joints?

Looks like a great time!

Can’t recall if I’ve had Sunny Hills but have you had Chiate? I always recall enjoying their pineapple pastries the most. Might be nice to try for comparison on your next trip.

@Sgee didn’t get to hit any boba places…
At Sunny Hills I didn’t try the mousan king roulade but did score the D24 durian rolls. :smile: These last a lot longer than the pineapple cake, so I’ve been savoring them slowly.

@Bagel haven’t heard of that place but will check it out next time!

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Coincidentally we were in Taiwan in November, too. (November 10 to 18). We went on a tour organized by a company called Supera Tours (formerly Super Value Tours) out of the SGV, and they turned my viewpoint on Chinese tour food on its head, as I had previously equated with Chinese tour company food with bleh. The biggest surprise of the trip was the wide variety of different foods we had. Indeed there were almost no boba, shabu shabu, stinky tofu or gua bao stops. Too much to discuss here, but if anybody wants to wade through my 15 part pictorial essay which I finally finished, they’re welcome to do so.