Taiwanese Ramen in Koreatown

After early attempts by overseas Chinese restaurant chains to open up in LA were more likely failures than successes (Quanjude Beijing Duck, Ay Chung Rice Noodle) the time is ripe for these foreign chains and the trickle is turning into a flood. Latest entry is Sheng Ramen, whose first US branch for some reason is in Koreatown, not the SGV. Menu is very limited–just three ramen choices and a handful of other noodle dishes. One of the three ramen soup choices is beef ramen, similar to the Taiwanese beef noodle soup you see all over the SGV and quite good. Sheng Ramen is at 698 S. Vermont Ave., #106.

I found it rather confounding.

don’t forge to hit the new (ish) JJ Bakery down the street later for a (D&D free) Taiwanese bang-bang.

Huh? Devoid of Dungeons & Dragons?

Although its a Taiwanese company the operators are Cantonese speaking Malaysians which is probably why they didn’t default to opening in the SGV.

Food wise I thought it was decent. Hits the spot when I get a certain beef noodle ramen fusion craving.

I genuflect to you.

Never even realized such a craving existed.

Neither did I which is why I haven’t gone too often.

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