Take away near convention center

principessa will be at the l.a. convention center briefly on saturday,
and then be headed off to westwood, circa the mormon temple environs.
she’d like to bring her elderly aunt and uncle some delicious, easily (not too far
off the route, easy parking, no long wait, etc.) obtainable delicious take out.
any suggestions?
i’m thinking some birria from el parian is the easiest, but would love to hear
other suggestions. all cuisines welcome, but steering probably more exotic
than soup/salad/sandwich/burger kinda 'murican thing.

many thanks.

Drive down Figueroa, hang a right at Jefferson and get some take-out tacos at Revolutionario, which our very own @Chowseeker1999 has raved about, and rightly so. From there, head north on Normandie to catch the 10 fwy and you’re on your way to Westwood.

If you prefer something sweet, head over to Hygge Bakery on corner of Hope and 11th (within walking distance of the Convention Center if you don’t want to drive and park again).

I know you said no sandwich but Langer’s curb side delivery would be towards the top of my list.


I know your post says Convention Center, but would something in Westwood work? You could try Shamshiri, Qin West, P’tit Soleil (I don’t know if they do takeout, though).

westwood IS an option. many thanks.

langers seems like backtracking but is a thought.

Papa Cristos

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@linus I’d second Ipse’s recommendation for Revolutionario.

If you’d prefer to skip the taco (tortillas), they also offer all of their awesome dishes in bowl form (over rice / beans / various grains). Beef Barbacoa Brisket, Duck Hash, Cauliflower, etc. So good. :slightly_smiling:

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La Flor de Yucatan is located a few miles north of USC and is to the west of the convention center. They make glorious Yucatan-style tamales where the filling is light, airy, and fluffy. The flat ones are good, too, but I much prefer the fluffy ones. Make sure to get extra sauce for the tamales. They also make excellent conchinta pibil that comes with pickled red onion.

And if you still have room at La Flor de Yucatan, grab a panucho or two - they have fantastic crunch.

Yep! Their bowls are tasty and filling. You can customize it as well, all rice, all beans, just veggies. My favorite is the Yogurt Chicken with just veggies. Also, be sure to hit the condiment bars, especially for the pickles. :slight_smile:


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just to report back, they went with papa cristos and were happy with the selection.

thanks to all.

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ditto that - great condiments