Take-out successes during CoVid--San Diego

Are you folks trying to support your favorite spots by ordering takeout or delivery? What has been successful? I have ordered from Soi 30th thai. Their Tom Kha soup is the best I’ve had anywhere and it traveled well. They are asking folks to call in directly because the delivery services are charging them 30% commissions. I was shocked to hear that!

Based on that, I called in an order to Abowl on Convoy. The Shanghai Potstickers were great, and reheated well, but the rice cake dish clumped up and did not travel as well. It was still quite warm when I got home, but it was just not as good as when I had it eating in.


The simple answer, for me, is yes. But it can get complicated. You really do need to call. I’ve had good luck with delivery by way of the pricey third-party services, but so-so otherwise.

P.S. Funny, I posted my reply (above) almost two weeks ago and it just showed up. Stranger than fiction.

And then, the sound of silence…

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Our favorite take-out to date has been from Sushi Tadokoro - we’ve been doing take-out weekly since they reopened for take-out on 05/01.



Take-out from Sushi Tadokoro


Newly opened EE Nami was pretty good as well. Surpised that the Tonkatsu really held up well on the drive home. So far visited three times - other dishes weren’t as good. The tonkatsu is definitely a keeper for us.

Current, Covid-19 Takeout Hours are Tuesday - Sunday, 11am - 2pm and 5pm - 8pm.

EE Nami
4706 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92117



@KirkK, those all look wonderful. Thanks for the heads up.

Agree with RedDevil, and will add that menu-specific recommendations (like the Tonkatsu at EE Nami) are especially helpful. I still haven’t done a single take-out, but we plan to this weekend.

Sushi Tadokoro is our favorite sushi place. I’m pleasantly surprised to hear that they have takeout, and that it makes it home in good shape. (The return drive for us is about 15 minutes.)

We walked down 5th & 6 in Hillcrest/Banker’s Hill from University to Laurel yesterday. A bit weird, but some of the restaurants didn’t look half-bad esthetically (even though literally half-open). Some had a number of patrons in them, and we considered eating at Saigon on Fifth.

Strange how quickly things can become commonplace: It was actually curious to see people just sitting, eating, and drinking at tables – without face masks.

We ended up getting take-out for dinner at Sab-E-Lee in Linda Vista; first time ever. Not quite that special Sab-E-Lee snap to it (pork larb and pork pad prik kning) as before the disaster, when brought to your table, fresh and hot, right from the kitchen – but still pretty decent. We only got a spicy level 6 (usually 8 - 10). Both dishes were medium, hot-wise, as expected. (Their scale seems to have stayed the same.)

There were about 5 empty tables in the place where seating used to be. Way, way far apart. Ugly, and no one seated. I guess restaurants can’t even put out tableware before you sit down, which adds to the blah.

We ordered at the counter and it took about 10 minutes. I’m just glad they’re still there.

Thanks for posting, folks. We have since tried Brothers Mexican on 30th. The chile relleno plate was still good, but a bit soggy. Thai Time on 30th’s pork panang was tasty, a little hotter at level 2 than I would have expected, but made for great left overs with the extra “gravy”. Underbelly NP did a fine Tonkatsu for takeout. They kept the noodles separate and they had a nice chew. It needed a slight warm up, since it was done early and waiting for me when I arrived. They have an in house “order on line” option on their website. We made a trip out to Anthony’s Seafood Grotto in La Mesa to have a taste of my childhood before they succumb. We ate in our car in the parking lot. It would not have traveled well, as we got the fish and shrimp chips combo. It too was ready early and was sitting and waiting for us–a bit soggy, but the tastes were there.

I am not ready to do a sit-down, so take out will have to do for now. :frowning: