Takuma - keeps getting better and better, plus the best 4 dollar soup ever

Taku san has added quite a few great new Winter-y dishes, draft beer (Kirin) and a wider sake selection.
Dinner last night was amazing.
Not pictured was an amazing, hearty and way-under priced (4 dollar) Ton Jiru Soup (Daikon radish, carrots, shredded burdock roots and sliced pork w/ sesame oil)

Kaminabe Paper Hot Pot Soup was also terrific and beautifully presented.

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what’s the point of the paper?

Not taste (at least that I could discern).

1 - Aesthetics - it is very pretty

2 - Fear - you always thing the whole thing is about to catch fire - but it doesn’t.


Thanks for the update, CB.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the paper used at other Japanese places, too. Does it maybe keep the food from scorching?

BTW, the place has been so crowded recently (at least when I went later in the week) that one should be prepared for a short wait, if you don’t make a reservation.

Happy for them. Not so much for me.
We had to wait about 20 mins last night after arriving at 8:20, but they had a “large” party taking up about 40% of the place.