Tambo (Oakland)

It has likely been at least a year since my previous dinner there. I don’t know why we don’t go more frequently, except that it falls off the radar. This is nice food from Peru. This time, 4 of us shared the empanada sampler (which we all enjoyed) and I had the seco de cordero, which was a decent choice. No ceviche this time, although in the past, they have been very good. Also, no causas this time. Others ordered lomo saltado and arroz con mariscos, and had no complaints. Beer/wine only. We didn’t look at the list because each couple had already brought a bottle - corkage $15. I hope all the development in the area keeps this place open. Salsas were very good - 2 came with the empanadas, and then we asked for a hot sauce for the mains - I’m not sure what sort of aji it was, but a tasty spicy red sauce arrived.

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