Taqueria Juquilita

This is has to be the best al pastor in LA atm. Javier Cabral reported the tortillas are not handmade, just to update it is most definitely handmade! The al pastor is just spectacular the pictures speak for themselves. Go now!

Also interesting note they are Oaxacan. Similar in aspect is the Poblanos cooking the Tijuana style asada and chorizo. @Dommy any insight on this? Oaxacan immigration to DF?

Go now! 5944 Santa Monica Blvd. Strip mall parking near Hollywood Forever. Now I regret eating at Mario’s when I could have feasted like a king? Super nice people too!



it is the juiciest al pastor!

parking is also easy in the stripmall just in front of it.


Thanks for the report!!! I have added this higher to my list since it’s easy for us to get to from over here!

With regards to Oaxaca migration to CDMX…. There has long been migration there and certainly a fusion within the cuisine. You can’t go to any tianguis and not find a blue corn Tlayuda vendor. However, for this particular combo, I think it has more to do with the huge popularity of Al Pastor throughout Mexico more than anything else. So you can find Al Pastor in Oaxaca. Further, there are elements of Oaxaca cuisine that lend themselves a pretty good take on Al Pastor.

Will report back on my thoughts!


Can’t wait for you to try it! I did find the al pastor to be more flavorful than the typical. Maybe the Oaxacans have a different marinade for their al pastor.

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You are the king but you know your LA tacos pretty well

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