Taqueria Tuetano

Had lunch today at Tuetano down in San Ysidro. Like it, would definitely go back. It’s not close but the food was good

2 tacos + beans

Let’s take a look at the quesabirria taco. Tender birria with cheese, birria juice and the ubiquitous onions and cilantro. I would definitely order this again.

Carne Asada Quesadilla was pretty yummy. Carne asada was a little too salty BUT the flour tortilla was fabulous. It was stretchy, chewy and full of flavor, plus it had been grilled on a flat top giving it some nice crusty areas.

Tuetano means bone marrow in Spanish. Here’s the name sake bone marrow. The portion is not huge but with a squeeze of lime it was sublime.

Tuetano is small, maybe 20 seats, and very casual. The menu is small and posted on the wall. Tacos, quesadillas, tostadas filled with birria, cochinita pibil or carne asada. Prices are totally reasonable. I think the highest price on the menu was $7. Thumbs up for this one.


Was not aware of this, thanks!

I’m a little surprised. Young, female chef/owner. She’s gotten a lot of press recently so the place is not exactly flying under the radar. The foodies that compete to be the first to try someplace before abandoning it and moving on all love this place.

Eater SD like Tuetano

Been waiting for your review of this place @DiningDiva. Thanks so much!

Headed to Mexico City soon if you’ve got any favorites there.

OMG…Mexico City. Just got back a couple weeks ago, heading down again in 3 weeks. How long will you be there and where will you be home basing. You will not have a hard time finding good food. CDMX is a lot like Alice’s Restaurant…you can get anything you want

One of the signature dishes at Contramar. Huachinango Contramar. One side has a parsely sauce, the other a mild chile & achiote sauce. Fish is grilled with sauce on it. It’s also sized for the number of people at the table.

The fig tart for dessert at Contramar

The tuna tostada is legendary there and the sangrita they serve with tequila is probably one of the best I’ve ever had, and I am not fond of most sangritas that are served with tequila

This is how the Tortilla Soup is served at Azul Historico. That is not me in the photo, I was the one taking the photo :smile:

One of the fish dishes at Azul Historico…yes it was good.

Margarita service at the San Angel Inn and old “see and be seen” place for the well heeld and connected. I love this place for the ambiance, beverage service, and even their service. It’s kind of a throwback to an earlier age. The food is generally good to very good and not particularly cutting edge, but I think that’s one of the reasons why people like it. It’s comfortable.


Thanks so much. We will only be there about a week. Wish it was for longer. Probably staying in the Condesa area or nearby. Only ever been to Baja so pretty excited!

Depending upon when you go, check and see if the Red Tree House has any availability. It’s a great little B&B in the Condesa area. Easily walkable to many restaurants and bars. They have happy hour for guests every evening from 6 - 8 pm and it’s a great way to find out about interesting things to do. The staff is knowledgable and can help you with transportation, tickets, reservations and so on. I’ve also stayed at the Hotel Maria Condesa which is a boutique hotel in a converted old house. It’s right around the corner from El Tizconcito one of the more popular taquerias in the Condesa.

Make restaurant reservations 3 or more weeks out and remember, the main meal in Mexico is between 3-5 pm, not in the evening.

I like Lalo! for breakfast. El Cardenal, either at the Almeda or Centro is also a good breakfast choice
Maximo Bistro and Contramar are 2 places for which I always make reservations
Pujol is relaxed and not as expensive as one would think and worth the experience
Also consider:
Pasillo de Humo
Rosetta and Rosetta Panaderia

  • Really, you’re going to have more options than you can believe.
  • Watch Taco Chronicles on Netflix
  • Remember, most museums are closed on Monday. Do not miss the Anthropology Museum and I’d throw in the Dolores Olmeda as well. If you want to go to Casa Frida Kahlo, buy tickets online and get them for the first group in the morning. It becomes a zoo after that.
  • Consider taking a cooking class with the guys at Casa Jacaranda
  • If you’re thinking about going down to Xochimilco, think aobut doing one of the trajinera (boat) tours with de la Chinampa
  • Local favorite Turista Libre also offers Mexico City tours.

Thanks so much DD and sorry to hijack your thread. Been meaning to try Tuetano but every time we travel this far south we just head into Mexico.

Thanks again @DiningDiva for the CDMX recommendations.

We went to Contramar and El Cardenal. We also went to the Anthropology museum and the canal boat cruise. We even took a salsa making class. Had a great time and pretty easy to get to with CBX.

Darn, I tuned into this dialog just now. I would have strongly suggested that you shouldn’t miss going to the churreria “El Moro” on Calle Rio Lerma. A tiny, very genuine churro factory – I think the oldest in the city. Sorry I missed this thread earlier.

I’m glad you got to see the Anthropology Museum. Excellent.

No worries @DoctorChow, we made it there 3 times! Great churros! Also saw locations for a few other branches in other areas but we went to the original due to proximity to our hotel.

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Glad to hear you had a good time. I’m in Mexico City now. Had comida at Pujol today…truly outstanding.

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Very happy to hear that you not only found but went to El Moro thrice! Yes, that’s the location I was talking about.

DD, take note!

DD, have you ever been to Los Panchos on Tolstoi? If not, it’s another place that shouldn’t be missed. My DH GF is originally from the Roma area and went there often while growing up more than half a century ago. We went there together my first time in Mexico City about 25 years ago. At that time they served up a ridiculously delicious mushroom soup. Still a classic spot, all these decades later! The mushroom soup is still good, if not as spectacular as before, but there are many other very-much local-style items to be had.

P.S. Check out these photos of Panchos.

Why, oh why, can’t we have just one restaurant in SD like this one in CDMX?


By the way, if you go, try to get seated on the “patio” area, if the weather is good. We’ve always lucked out on that. The interior white-cloth tables are nice, but the “patio” has more charm.

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