Taro and Ube Desserts

I have a friend visiting soon who’s seriously into ube desserts, especially cold ones like slushes, ice cream, etc. She also likes taro. I’m seriously into taro desserts, especially pastry-type ones. I also like ube. Where can we live our ube and taro dreams?

Westside or southwest destinations preferred, but we’ll hit Miracle Mile and Hollywood/Echo Park at least once each. And if there’s really fantastic ube and/or taro desserts anywhere in the city, we’re willing to drive to them.

I’m already planning to hit Coolhaus for Halo My Name is ube ice cream, Big Boi for rolls with ube butter, and Scoops Westside in case they have ube or taro gelato. 85 Degrees has marble taro buns with taro paste. Where else should we go?

Seafood Village in Monterey Park has a tasty taro “mud” with ginkgo nut dessert on their menu.

B Sweet Dessert sawtelle

glazed donut ube ice cream sandwich #purpleisafruit

Wanderlust Creamery in Atwater Village for Ube Malted Krunch.

B Sweet’s Dessert on Sawtells for Halo Halo.

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A trek but Cafe 86 has a lot of ube. I like the ube cake truffles. Pasadena might be the closest, maybe Artesia depending on location.

Cafe 86

There’s always DK Donuts at Santa Monica and 17th in Santa Monica.


I recommend Fosselmans Ube ice cream. But it is only available in half gallon.

Second the wanderlust rec but the ube waffle cone was disappointing IMO

Ube milkshake at The Oinkster


Thank you all SO MUCH! This is fantastic! My friend (who is living in Alaska - not much ube there) is going to be over the moon.

I see nothing wrong with that. :wink:

If you make it to the San Fernando Valley, Creme Caramel has all kinds of ube desserts


Bites of Ube flan, ube bread pudding, ube upside down cake and ube pudding washed down with an ube horchata!

It’s a small shop, more of a take out. Suggest calling ahead to see what they have

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Bhan Kanom Thai
Taro ice cream, sticky rice taro wrapped in banana leaf

Red Ribbon Bakery
Ube macapuno roll + halo halo

85 Degrees has marble taro buns with taro paste

Recently discovered they also have taro danishes

Hi @Rachel,

Welcome to FTC! :slight_smile: I second @Ns1’s recommendation:

Bhan Kanom Thai for their Pangchi (Taro, Corn, Coconut Dessert). I posted some pics about it here a while back.

Not really helpful to you right now, but in the summertime, try the haupia taro tart at Nagomi Cake House in Gardena. It is excellent, imo.

Someone else’s photo from Yelp:


Bhan Kanom Thai

Baked taro, taro coconut pudding, grilled sticky rice with taro, banana taro cake, and the always popular fried taro.

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Another rec for B Sweet - ube cheesecake!

You can get a lot of Creme Caramel’s ube stuff in Silver Lake at Frankie Lucy Bakeshop, which is closer to where the OP will be:

All this recent talk of taro has made me crave this Chaozhou dish:

Ginkgo and mashed taro dessert (金果芋泥), with red pitted dates, yam, and silver ear fungus, from NBC Seafood Restaurant (Monterey Park)… Just spectacular. Perfect to round off a sumptuous Chinese New Year banquet feast on a chilly evening!!!


For the home cooks, this looks easy enough: