Tartine Bakery makes its breads available at Whole Foods in Los Angeles area

picked up pretty awesome loaf of bread at Whole Foods in Beverly Hills

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Has anyone tried their sliced sandwich bread (I think it’s called Kids Bread). P. makes sandwich bread every week and would get really mad at me for A) Buying Pricy Sandwich Bread and B) If it’s actually worse than his homemade, which in all fairness is good but not fluffy buttery good…

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my teenage daughter loved Kids Bread- not sure how it compares to other options.

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Awesome! We are officially low on flour and completely struck out in getting some thing weekend and KA’s website is all out… I had to buy a desperation loaf of Dave’s Killer Bread… Will for sure try the Kid’s bread now!

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Tell your daughter she has great taste! I was super happy to find that Whole Foods was well stocked with Tartine Bread recently (The DTLA location has the stand at an odd place, so I think it gets overlooked) and finally picked up the loaf of the kid’s bread. And it was everything I hoped. It had that lucious springy almost pudding like crumb that toasted up ever so nicely. I made a PBJ with Santa Cruz Dark Roasted Peanut Butter and Mom’s Strawberry Jam. It was perhaps my favorite thing in weeks…

Now… the bread has some tang to it, which was okay with the PBJ, but I think this bread is better suited for a Grilled Cheese or Ham Sandwich. Or just some Butter (maybe with some more of that Jam) which is how i plan to have the rest…



cant wait to try enriched bread made last week so it can handle distro and shelf time… it’s always a bait and switch