Tartine -- Santa Monica (FYI)

I hadn’t realized Tartine was opening another site in LA, but Eater reported it a few months ago (Tartine Santa Monica Will Open on the Site of Former Funeral Home - Eater LA).

Was randomly driving by today (20th and Arizona), and it looks pretty close to done (and quite attractive). They’ve also posted job openings.

Just a friendly FYI (perhaps everyone else knew, but I don’t recall seeing any mention of it here). :slight_smile:


Yes, it does look very close to opening.
I was shocked they put a bakery/restaurant there: wonder if they kept the same 'fridges from Gates Kinsley?

Such a dark mind! :wink:

I, at first, thought it was an old church (the structure itself looks lovely). And then when I read it was a former funeral home, I was like, “Interesting…” But, you know, they had outdoor patio lights out front, and space looked very inviting last evening…

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I’ve been to a couple of great restaurants in converted funeral parlors.

It was a very cute chapel at the funeral parlor.
And the renovation, as you say, looks quite lovely (at least by day - haven’t been by at night yet).
Ronald Reagan, Giogio Baldi and countless other famous and infamous and ordinary Angelenos have laid in state there. The spirit program will be very strong even without an ABV Lic!


Death watch?



In the best way possible, perhaps. :wink:

The area is pretty quiet at night (at least, for now), but I think there’s a lot of business close by, so there should be a ton of foot traffic during the day. Tartine has the name recognition already, so it’d be surprised if this place isn’t mobbed (at least initially).

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They are supposedly opening on March 6th.

New opening date is March 17th.


@CiaoBob: I can’t remember what the thread was in which you asked about sandwiches. Partner went to Tartine again recently and said that there are pre-made cold sandwiches, and you can order hot sandwiches. We didn’t try any of those.

HAHAHAAHA - grabbed their amazing grilled cheese today. Loved the different cheeses!

Broccoli rabe, fontina, provolone piccante, parm.


Gotta try their savories. Had the plain croissant yesterday which was… fine. Outside was nicely shatter-y, but the inside was a bit bready. Will try the almond croissant today.

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Ugh I made a terrible grilled cheese myself for lunch today and this looks so much better. I’ll hit them up this weekend.

Went for the coffee/croissant today.

Coffee is free to nearby health care workers - I appreciate that. But, I also feel a little guilty accepting it. I can’t think of an industry that is being pummeled as much as the restaurant biz and yet their generosity never fails to impress the hell out of me.

Clearly, I am not the croissant connoisseur that @Chowseeker1999 is In Search of Crisped, Flaky, Buttery Croissants - Croissant Journey at Chaumont, Maison Giraud, Bouchon, Proof & Pitchoun

Still - I thought SaMo Tartine’s was fantastic: wonderfully buttery, shatteringly crispy and NOT AT ALL chewily bready. My pictures are so yellow tinted it looks like a curry croissant (if any of our great shutterbugs here want to tell me how to fix this, I’m all ears - it’s an iPhone 11 for fucks sake). I tried to show how greasy my left index finger was.


That second photo make the croissant look GIANT.


I have small hands


You sure you’re not flipping us off?


And your index finger (which I didn’t even notice the first time I looked) looks to be a totally different size and totally disconnected from the rest of your hand.

I use an iPhone SE so I’m way behind the times but… I do wonder if the white balance is off. What color “temp” do you have selected in the camera app?