Taste of LA 2018 on Friday Night - WOW! If you have pics post them here

Last night was really special - maybe the best Taste I’ve ever been too.
Not too crowded or hot.
Perhaps the losses of the Goldster and Bourdain make everyone bring their A-Game?
I don’t know, but it was awesome. I didn’t snap much because I was too busy eating and drinking.
Saw @theoffalo taking many shots that will hopefully appear at his blog or IG
It was a meat heavy event (even though there was tons of seafood and chicken).

Gus’s was serving big whole breasts fried to perfection and had the only truly long line, though the line was long also at Blue Ribbon sushi (serving big hand rolls of spicy tuna or salmon with very crisp well done nori - nothing special but tasty and seemed really popular).

Chef Philllip Franklin Lee might have been the most innovative - serving a wonderful 3 course “omakase” from his Sushi l Bar (Peruvian Scallop, Hamachi and bone marrow sushi)

One of my fav bites was Hatch Chili Pasta with Chicharron and Caviar from Amor y Tacos (here’s a stolen pic)

Poppy and Rose had a mini fried chicken dinner that made me smile.

LOVED the beautifully cooked rare Bison from Baltaire,
Parks had grilled beef on top of kimchi rice,
Pacific Dining Car’s Ribeye,
Fried Fish Sandwich (Highly Likely),
Tim Hollingsworth (Otium) had a demo of his Funnel Cake with Fois gras mousse AND a stand with yellowtail confit with smoked eggplant and sweet and sour tomatoes ,
Holbox - Peruvian Scallop Tostada,
Aqui Es Texcoco - barbacoa taco,
Chao Krung has a wonderful Issan sausage,
Pearl’s BBQ (caterer previously unknown to me) - smoked short rib or brisket was 100% fab

I think my fav bites were
Rao’s Meatballs - incredible beefy and porky,
Mexicali Taco & Co. Vampiro, and the aforementioned
Hatch Chili Pasta with Chicharron and Caviar from Amor y Tacos


For beautiful shots of Phillip Frankland Lee’s Mini Omakase, as expected, check The Offalo’s IG. I am sure there will be many more shots to come


How were the lines? It’s the lines, the standing around and socializing that prevents me from going to these things

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Short other than Gus’s, and Phillip Franklin Lee’s omakase, and a few others.
Shorter than any other year I’ve been there.