Tasting menu under $150 near Market and 3rd St

I was thinking about trying:


$95 sounds very reasonable. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

If you’re willing to travel that far, you might look at Commonwealth.

Well, if Commonwealth is in play, why not also consider Prubechu?

I went to Commonwealth. It was one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Thanks for the tip.

Not sure if you are willing to drive to Oakland but Commis has a great tasting menu for $125

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I’m like a broken record, but Aster is a steal for $59 prix fixe (22nd & Guerrero).

It’s not really a traditional tasting menu per se, but I really loved my meal at The Progress. Nice amount of amuses and entree choices. The price is pretty right for what you get as well.

Progress is excellent as is Commonwealth.

2 of my favorites in SF actually.

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I went back to Commonwealth for the extended tasting with wine pairing. There were only a few repeated dishes. My date said it was the best meal she’s ever had. It did not disappoint.

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