Tasty Burgers, Crispy BLTs, and Fantastic Fish and Chips Hit Little Tokyo - The Golden State 2nd Branch - Grand Opening [Thoughts + Pics]



What a thing of beauty…

Thank you for your (high) standard review!

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Great review, and glad to see that Golden State 2 lives up to the original. That BLT has become a surprise favorite of mine at GS1, and I almost like it as much as the burger.

One thing I will say, though, is that it feels like as the owners’ empire has expanded (Prime Pizza, Cofax, a partial stake in Bludso’s, and maybe one other that I’m forgetting…) the tap list quality at Golden State has suffered some. They used to have a stash of crazy rare beers and there were always amazing things on tap. Now there are still good beers (Old Raspy among them), but it’s been a while since I’ve seen anything truly exciting there. Not a serious gripe, but something I’ve noticed. I am also a big beer fan, so YMMV.


Thanks @bulavinaka. :slight_smile: Yah Old Rasputin on Nitro was so good. Hope you get a chance to try Golden State 2 soon.

Hey @Chowseeker1999! Great report, as ever.
I’m also a big Old Rasputin fan.
I’m wondering if you’ve tried a beer float with Old Rasputin before. A scoop of really good vanilla ice cream topped with Old Rasputin actually really works (for me at least).

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Hi @Srsly,

Thanks! Good point about the selection of what’s on tap having become less rare than before. I remember an early visit to the original Golden State where they had a featured Craft Beer from a brewer that I had never heard of before; it was wonderful.

It’s still a solid selection, but yah, the list isn’t filled with as many rare finds as before.

Hi @frommtron,

Oh thanks for the reminder! Yes, we ended up trying one of their beef floats before at the original Golden State with Old Rasputin once (loved it)! :slight_smile:

Now that you bring it up, I’d love to try a beer float with Old Rasputin on Nitro + Leo Bulgarini’s legendary Vanilla Gelato. :smile:

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