Tasty Dumpling - Sacramento, CA (Crocker Village Shopping Center)

Yet another recommendation from the r/SacramentoFoodies subreddit, and this one WAY better than Hidden Dumpling (it was trying to hide! That was a warning.)

Tl;dr- go here. It’s quite good.

Dan Dan noodles were the best I’ve had in Sacramento since the early days of Yang’s Noodle (RIP). A little dry, but with the right numbing/heat profile. I wish they’d use a thicker, chewier noodle, but overall, very good.

Beef roll was wrapped in a crisp scallion pancake, layered with some lettuce and cucumber with a generous helping of hoisin marinated beef. Missing the cilantro, but still tasty.

Pan fried XLB were the clear star of the show. The broth inside each one was bright and gingery, the filling was tender and juicy, and the skins had that great mix of crispy and pliable. They’re a bit thicker than regular XLB, but that’s understandable.

Can’t wait to go back.