Tasty food near long beach state open late on a monday

I don’t know Long Beach well. But my sister will be at long beach state monday night. We need a spot to have dinner at that will still be open at 930. Doesn’t need to be right near campus, but we are not looking to drive 20 minutes…Thoughts?

I would try locations on Second Street. They tend to stay open later. I enjoy La Creperie. Saint & Second is currently very popular with gastropub offerings.

Also on second street, you could see if Simzy’s is open that late (I presume it is). Only went there once, but the food was respectable (if a bit corporate).

i work down there on Saturdays. Not much in the way of noteworthy food in the area. If you are willing to go very casual, I had a really delicious meal at Seoulmate on 7th a few weeks back. Worth checking out the menu. Maybe like a five minute drive from campus. But zero frills.

Slightly further down the road (but not by much) is Sophy’s Thai and Cambodian on PCH. I haven’t been in a while, but I used to really enjoy their flavors.

I took a look and it appears that both are usually open until 10pm.

Beechwood barbecue has two locations one in seal Beach the kitchen is open till 930 and one in downtown Long Beach the kitchen is open till 10 pretty good barbecue for the area and lots of beers

Thanks for the suggestions, all.
We checked the traffic and realized that getting to garden grove would take less than 15 minutes. So, we tried Garlic and Chives, that new restaurant that jonathan gold reviewed a while back. It was tasty, but not incredibly so. had the toothpick lamb, the pomelo salad, the salmon belly, the oxtail soup, and the vietnamese egg rolls. had a great time with my sister, even if it was not an earth shattering meal. But her basketball team beat long beach state tonight so that was nice.
Thanks again to everyone for your suggestions…

I am completely baffled by Gold’s love for that place…and that it made it onto his 101 list. Not bad food, but I don’t get the hype at all.

In LB, I’d rather go eat the chicken bun at Number Nine.

Gentrified as fuck I guess, but tasted fucking incredible.