Tasty Garden Rowland Heights Using New Menu

Continuing the discussion from a few weeks ago, after a forced sale of Tasty Garden’s Alhambra branch to something called Pot Pot Rice, the new owners instituted a new menu comprised of a mixture of old and new dishes. The new Rowland Heights branch follows the new menu. Not surprising since if they had to sell off Alhambra, they couldn’t afford to run the new Rowland Heights branch. Still need to check out Monterey Park and other locations of Tasty Garden.

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I was wondering why my receipt said “Pot Pot Rice (dba Tasty Garden).” Now I know why. Thx.

Just noticed from my receipt that Rowland Heights is “Honey Toast Cafe dba Tasty Garden”

Wow. Are there any Tasty Garden’s left? Someone needs to check out Arcadia and Monterey Park. I just haven’t had the time.

never been crazy about the chain.

i think this is the first post of yours i’ve seen. i was wondering since david posted one of your tweets.

p.s. this is barryc with a new nom de plume

Informant indicates that Tasty Garden in Irvine appears unaffected by the turmoil.

The Irvine branch was decent. Not great but not horrible either.

Enjoyed a lotus root soup with dried seafood and pork.

Tasty Garden in Arcadia is the same as it has ever been.

Monterey Park Tasty Garden is being operated by “Yummy Kitchen”.

Thanks chandavkl. Interesting. Could this be a BOE dodge or some other form of loophole, or did the owner sell some of them off?

I’m guessing they were really sold off. Alhambra, Monterey Park and Rowland Heights each have their own menu, consisting of a combination of Tasty Garden favorites and new dishes, but in different degrees. The Monterey Park menu most resembles the old one.