Tasty Garden Update (Arcadia)

My sources tell me that it has been sold to Happy Harbor. They are also in the process of getting permits for remodeling. These two factors have resulted in the removal of at least 1/3 of the items from the menu (literally using a black marker to cross out items on their menu).

Staff morale and attendance is way down. I went there on a Friday night. Only about 1/5 of the seats were taken. However, the remaining food items were still very tasty.

I really really hope the classics remain unaltered. The shrimp with fried egg, bowl of rice, and the unlimited refills on milk tea/lemon tea hit the spot every time. The food is average at best but it’s so worth it during their tea time happy hour when the drink comes free with an entree!

And the egg waffle…so good but like $6?? I bought my own egg waffle iron on Amazon ha!

Thanks for the update. Tasty Garden has been frustrating ever since the sales tax scandal broke up the ownership. What used to be a consistent, high quality chain turned into unpredictable and inconsistent food, not just between locations, but also within locations.

Is the take over by Happy Harbor specific to Arcadia branch of Tasty Garden only or all Tasty Garden branches are involved?

I’m not sure, but I believe it’s for the Arcadia branch.

What was the scandal?

Not collecting enough and having to pay it back.

You have an interesting way of using the word “scandal”

Here I was just thinking how ipse would be our man to fill us in on all the SGV restaurant closures that were due to situations involving the BOE, or similar.

Good riddance, its was certainly better than Garden Cafe initially up the street but it went really downhill. Hopefully new ownership can do something with the space.

It went downhill a bit, but really, “good riddance”?

Did you not learn any humility from running a food stall?

What does humility have to do with any of this?

They were running a shitty business. Food quality was terrible, service
was terrible, management ineffective just because theyre in my industry
doesnt mean I have to be nice to them. Theres plenty of shitty Chinese
cafes to take their place.

“Bring your game or don’t play.”

Hmm I guess it must have went downhill a bit more than I thought. Have not been there in a few months.

And nvm about my question…
Forgot that a lack of basic politeness was your thing.

Still more polite than their rude servers.

alright, you got me there. Cannot really dispute them and garden cafe competing for the worst service in arcadia.

Hopefully that spot will get better from here…

don’t aim so high

Odd. Again, I never once had rude service at Tasty Garden. Granted, it’s been some time since I was in one. There was a time where the Alhambra and Arcadia locations were pretty similar from a food standpoint, but Arcadia meant little or no wait compared to Alhambra. Then the Atlantic Times Square location came along, there were menu changes and it just wasn’t as interesting to me. Plus, there seemed to be a real drop off in quality.