Tasty Noodle House

Went to Tasty Noodle House for dinner last night.

**** DIsclaimer***** I know nothing about nothing. Nothing about food, certainly nothing about this particular whatever genre of food it represents itself to be. I cannot, and will not vouch for its “authenticity”. Fair enough?

I like everything we had. Panfried green beans (see it featured as a leftover in my breakfast this morning) gyoza, XLB (very flavorful and lots of soup) pork buns VERY flavorful and FULL of soup, but doughy-er than the XLB. We had egg rolls that were pretty good- I’d probably skip those next time.

Tasty is in the same Thunderdome parking lot as Raki, O’Briens, Red Moon and Angels. One risks life and sanity in that lot.

Here’s a few pictures:

No beer- which was a cryin durn shame.

Eggs with the leftover beans is a really creative concept. So, how was it?

I don’t understand the question.

You know, I created it, so it’s naturally perfect.:grinning:

Well yes, of course it was. I must have been having a senior moment.

P.S. When this shows up on the menu at Tasty Noodle House, which it might, I’ll try it. Nice photo, by the way. (Ooops, I meant perfect photo.)

Nice report. We like TNH also.

Good job on the eggs, those look just about perfect!

My experience in Feb. at TNH was limited to just two items, but my impression was the polar opposite of yours & RedDevil’s. I have no plans to return – unless, of course, they start serving fried green beans a la FN.

On the other hand, you (and maybe RD) had different menu items than I, except for the pork buns, where we overlap:

Ah. Chowhound returneth.

Pork and chive meat buns are indeed very good there.

And, FWIW, they should be doughier than XLB. I’d be worried it they weren’t

Tough to find a good Egg Guy…valuable commodity in my old world.

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There’s a 'yuge amount of information in the old posts over there.

Are these what you referred to as “pies” in your linked post?

At this point Chowhound SD is essentially 3 people, 2 of which are here now, and seems only to be useful for archives and people from out of town asking where to eat in the gaslamp quarter. Just let the poor dilapidated building collapse already. :imp:

MrK, I respect your opinion – as I always have. I liked the old CH better but have learned to live with the new. Back in October or November, Honk (no less) suggested that I post in both places. Which is what I’m doing. Also, I like the idea of having a thread (which yes, I started) about what people should try at a given restaurant, if they’re new to it. So I want to keep that one going, even if I’m the most frequent participant. (There have, in fact been quite a few others.)

CH is a venerable discussion board, with huge archives, as you put it, and some new information not posted elsewhere.


The problem is that for a discussion about San Diego restaurants FCH (which is more or less just a LA board with hardly anything else) or CH are hardly surviving and so I agree with DC it’s better to post on both boards as it is not clear which will survive in the long run

there is far more activity here, not a lot as old Chowhound but far more than current Chowhound. Chowhound now is pretty much Doc talking to himself and occasionally cstr, with a sprinkle of occasional tourists. Seems like a waste of time, but that’s just me.

What is FCH?

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Make it FTC

I think that comes naturally with age


Now, where did I leave my walker?