Tatsunoya ramen, Pasadena - opening date?

Anyone know when they’re planning to open???

They put up a Craigslist ad last week for a couple of positions so hopefully it’ll be soon!

They took down some of the signs recently, you can now peer into the restaurant. Based on construction progress, I’d say they are about 45-60 days away from opening day.

December 18th!

I stand corrected. :smile:


I see they’re open x-mas. 50/50 I’ll be there then.

@PorkyBelly thanks for the update!

Just FYI, the wait tonight was at least 40 minutes if that’s any indication of what lines on Christmas will look like, and I’m pretty sure there are some crushed peanuts in the spicy miso ramen.

Thanks. Good looking out. I’ll be sure to confirm with chef if we go.

5:30 pm. Line is about 10-15 deep and building by the minute. Good luck y’all.

Dress warm.

Is there enough intel to suggest when the wait is shortest?


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Sad second seating folk looking in

1pm today line was only of the picture above.

went last night waited about an hour…

For America its good tonkatsu, not great though. In Japan this would be pretty average though…

Still this is probably the best ramen on the eastside.