Taylor Shellfish

Went to three different locations in three days.

Capital Hill

smoked oyster dip, tim’s cascade chips

caesar salad - romaine, parmesan, crouton crumble, boquerones
The boquerones put this salad over the top, delicious.

geoduck - the good time clam

happy hour oysters

Queen Anne

caesar salad - romaine, parmesan, crouton crumble, boquerones

salish sampler - oysters, geoduck, scallop, prawns

mediterranean mussels, herb-shallot butter, sugar snap peas, thyme, white wine


moqueca - Brazilian style stew of tomato, bell pepper, jalapeno and coconut milk with mussels, clams, bay shrimp and rice

Samish Oyster Bar

Bald eagle #murica - not on the menu

fat bastard, shigoku, kumamoto


So the first two are named “Capital Hill” and “Queen Anne”? Color me confused.

Also, are boquerones the same as anchovies?

We’ll be back in a few weeks so always looking for recs. TIA.

Cat, Those are location names. The company name is Taylor Shellfish Farms. My son had a great dinner at the Pioneer Square location last night.


Oh my. I’m not even going to try to explain my mix-up/misunderstanding. I HAVE heard of it and I’ll let it go at that. Our ‘kids’ aren’t going to be around our next trip up so we’ll have more time for things like that. Thanks, Midlife.

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Spectacular photos, @PorkyBelly! Glad to see you had such a good time in Seattle. I’m sending my cousins to Taylor’s while we’re in town…I would have to ditch my own family in order to go…none of them enjoy oysters and geoduck. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your photos.


So the ones you had were “en vinagre” and not just plain anchovies/boquerones? Sounds good.

What are YOUR plans?

We have reservations at RockCreek, Ballard Annex House, and Palace Kitchen. We’re not in town long, so that’s all I could fit in.

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Enjoy and return soon. Most people do :slight_smile: We love Seattle.


Had lunch at the Queen Anne location. Twenty-four oysters, eight each of three different ones, and a bottle of cava. I didn’t ask but had the sense that the couple serving us may have been the owners. Oh, and when I was admiring what neighboring diners were having, I mentioned that neither of us had had geoduck so he brought us a couple of pieces each of body and siphon. We’ll definitely return. Thanks for the recs.


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Love these shots @PorkyBelly.

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