TB Times ripped up the FL Farm to Table scene. How do you think LA looks?

It’s a long read, but I thought it was well informative. I would think that all the major players in this town would be better about this, and we probably have greater access to…everything. But still…JFC.


Only the tigers are eating well in FLA these days.

I wouldn’t necessarily assume LA does a better job about this.

It’s like “organic” at farmer’s markets around town.


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I read the article. It took me 3 days. But really eye opening.


I don’t know how much of a problem that is here just because of the ease of availability of local produce, . Fish and other proteins maybe a different story

I haven’t finished the article yet, but this what I’m wondering, too. Is Tampa Bay located near multiple farms/distributors/whatever?

The article is littered with local sources, so it doesn’t appear that a lack of sources is the problem.

the title of one of the other articles in the series is ‘Tampa Bay farmers markets are lacking in just one thing: Local farmers’

Here it’s easy for restaurants to get produce from local farmers. If you are a restaurant you can call your order in advance and go to the FM and pick up or some will drop off to restaurants, Weiser and some of the others are also available through distributors or you can buy direct from the market through a middleman.

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fuhgettabout Florida. I lived there. Not surprising. Its beauty is deceiving. When I said “eye opening” I was referring to @Porthos link about L.A.

was excited to read this but it is too outdated.

The upshot of the other article is really that a good farmers market is only as good as the market manager. It makes a big difference to have a waiting list of farms to get into SM and Hollywood FM’s. Luckily there are enough farms that make many of the other neighborhood markets interesting as well but it never hurts to ask questions.

Well you could look at it 2 ways:

  1. It has been fixed.
  2. It has been going on since 2011.
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Yes @aaqjr. I was thinking when I read the article, that the smaller FM’s might not have as much variety, but more manageable for policing frauds.

Yes, don’t be shy. Ask questions.

@Ns1 - Sorry for hijacking topic. But everything about Florida just makes me angry. It’s a personal issue :slight_smile: