Tehachapi Goodness? Help, Please!

We’ve got a soccer tournament this weekend in Lancaster. The closest hotel we were able to find is in Tehachapi (don’t ask). We will have a 10-year-old rock star goalie with us that is picky (think quesadillas and chicken nuggets with ranch). The adults are up for anything good, as long as wine and/or cocktails are part of the mix. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Sorry I missed this – clearly way too late for your trip, but if you’re in the area again, I recommend Red House BBQ on Tehachapi Boulevard – east side of town. Here’s their Facebook page – apparently they don’t have a website:

We really like their slow-smoked brisket. Kind of reminds me of deep-pit BBQ.
Closed Tuesdays.

Thanks. I did see that and probably would have given it a shot if the timing and weather were right. It was pouring rain, and it wasn’t clear to me whether they had indoor seating.

They do have indoor as well as outdoor seating. Avoid lunch and dinner peak hours, as they tend to be packed.

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Stopped at Red House BBQ again while passing through Tehachapi a couple of weeks ago. Excellent as always. We had just revisited Salinas City BBQ the week before, and we both felt that the brisket at Red House was much better.

On our recommendation, my daughter stopped there yesterday and ordered a variety of meats – she felt (as I do) that it’s completely in another league as compared to SCBBQ. This is probably the best brisket we’ve ever had, anywhere – including West Texas. Just can’t recommend it enough. Unfortunately, living in Vegas, Tehachapi is a convenient stop only when driving to the Bay Area.

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