Tel Aviv Grill hands down the best schwarma in LA

Or as the late great Dennis Wolfberg used to call himself and his “tribe” - “Jew-lites.”

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It’s the default font.

What we need is a “this is a serious post” font.


Don’t worry Kevin, my comment really… wasn’t… about… pork. Or even bacon. :wink:

What was it fucking about then ???

Please explain if you would be so kind.

If you’d consider it a kindness, I’m willing.

I just recently embraced my very real Jewish ancestry. Took a class. Joined a congregation. Celebrated the high holy days for the first time ever. Loving it. But I’m still a little self-conscious about being a new-Jew, or as bulavinaka put it above, “Jew-lite.” (I tried kosher for a week, but I’m far too heavily invested in oysters, lobster, al pastor, and cheeseburgers at this point in my life, so…no.)

I was merely suggesting, tongue-in-cheekily, that perhaps the Israelis at Ta Eem could sense, with a sense that wasn’t vision (because of my blond hair and blue eyes) that I’m ethnically (and technically, because mom, etc.) Jewish. And that’s why they’ve always been nice to me.

Thatz all.


Oh, and because Chowhound habits die hard: “Hummus” and “Falafel” and “Kafta.”


Thanks a wonderful story Jestifer and thanks for elucidating and being so kind.


White steak.

and to you for being so… gentile?

Thanks for the recs…this place is great. Really liked the shawarma and the eggplant. The plate is huge though, I may opt for a pita sand since I found myself making little sandwiches with the pita anyways. Chicken shawarma was flavorful and moist. All the sides were really fresh. The spicy hummus was great. I’ll be back when in the area for sure.


What, no French fries? I’m glad you liked it.

Fries too. I forgot to take the picture as my pita was getting cold. :joy:

I was born in Maimonides in Brooklyn, but I’m Chinese. Close enough to get the friendly service??? :wink:

I’m convinced CH/FTC/etc consist nothing but Jews and Chinese.

Also, is there a Tel Aviv Grill equivalent that’s not in The Valley?


That’s probably b/c it DOESN’T consist of anything but the above (+/- married or in-laws). :wink: ::snort::

Have you tried the Ta-eem place mentioned above?

Several. Off the top of my head:

Dr. Sandwich
Ta-eem Grill
Hummus Bar Express
Pita Bar & Grill

unable. it’s on another planet.

i gotta catch up on the current LA schwarma sitch.

heck, speaking of deep valley schwarma, if anyone knows if the old crossroads
cafe people ended up anywhere, that’d be swell.

Swedish +1

Dr. Sandwich is legit huh? Drive by it so often I might as well go in I guess.

Dr. Sandwich is OK, nothing great. However, if you’re in the neighborhood stop by the European sausage kitchen and get your self some turkey biltong and some Hungarian sausage.