Tel Aviv Grill hands down the best schwarma in LA

Tel Aviv Grill recently opened on Ventura Blvd in Tarzana they had a smaller restaurant in Reseda until they moved. The new restaurant offers something that most kosher Israeli restaurants don’t offer. They are impeccably clean, friendly, offer great value and blow it out on deliciousness.

They offer the usual Israeli quick serve food like schwarma, falafel and kabob.

Once you order you take your ticket to the counter and hand it to the preparer you can choose to add whatever you want to your sandwich or plate. My wife got the schwarma plate and it was overloaded with a selection of all the salads.

Closed Friday evenings and all day Saturday.

Food is great, price is great and they are friendly!

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A friendly Israeli joint ???

Are you fucking serious ??? :blush:

If so, that may just be the probetbial fucking win-win of the calendar year.


Agree. I’ve always found that the best Israeli fare is served with a dollop of goyim suspicion… :smile:


it’d be even more of a win-win if it was on this side of the hill!

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But then again … It’s Tarzana. Or rather Little Jerusalem.

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Hahahahaha! So true. I will say, though, the guy who owns Ta-eem on Melrose is quite friendly.

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Wow… looks like the real deal. Thanks for the tip!

One question: will they add fries as a topping to your shawarma sandwich? I mean, without ordering a separate side of fries.

Love Ta-eem!


They will give you fries on the sandwich or the side. They’ll even give you fried eggplant on the side too.

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will they top it with bacon? or do you have to smuggle it in your pants and have to explain the big greasy stain later?

Maybe if it’s beef fry.

There’s medication for that, y’know.


Sir, I find your question outrageous and offensive! Bacon is for donuts and ice cream, NOT shawarma!


Oh my… definitely trying this place. Thanks again!

Secret asian mN that’s so fucking not cool.

You’d be 86’d from the fucking joint.

And most kosher joint have a sign on the door stating no fucking outside food.

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it;s too bad that they don’t have snark/sarcasm font on FTC,

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I was going to say. Service at Ta Eem is always friendly. But then again I’m Jewish. Don’t look it, though. Perhaps a real Israeli can smell it?

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Ta Eem may just be the proverbial fucking outlier.

to a snarkologist, that was a big mushball down the middle of the plate. i;ll take it for a called strike three.

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oh, you mean real Israelis eat fucking pork products ???

if you meant that, you’re positivively correct I do fucking believe and that ain’t no fucking joke.

most are secular.

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