Tel Aviv Grill (New Location) & Itzik Hagadol (Closed) - [Thoughts + Pics]



Yeah, I noticed that when I stopped at Rasputin for some lamb tongue a week or two ago.

I’ll finally get to try it!

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Forgot to post my meal at Tel Aviv Grill. :wink:

Their fresh Israeli Salad Bar (you can pick and choose what you want included in your various orders):

This time I remembered to try the Laffa option as a few FTC’ers had mentioned that as something worth trying.

Chicken Shawarma Laffa:

First, it was a bit shocking that after laying out a huge round Laffa Bread and asking what Salads and toppings to add on (Hummus, Tahini, various Salads, etc.), they proceeded to roll it up into a “Burrito” of sorts(!)…

While it was easier to handle and eat, it was also a bit ridiculous: It was seriously like something out of a parody or something; it was the largest “Burrito” I’ve ever tried eating. :sweat_smile: So unrolling it…

The Chicken Shawarma itself is nicely seasoned and spiced. Today’s Shawarma felt like it was almost Curried in flavor (different from our last visit). But it was still delicious. :blush:

The Israeli Salad selection at Tel Aviv Grill is decent, but far more limited than Ta-Eem Grill, and they just don’t enhance the various dishes like Ta-Eem does. Tel Aviv’s Red Sauce doesn’t taste like Harissa at all, and their Green Sauce (perhaps their version of Skhug / Zhoug) is very basic compared to Ta-Eem’s sublime version.

The Laffa Bread at Tel Aviv is very chewy and “glutinous” in mouthfeel, like a hefty, sturdy Bread. I’m not sure what great Laffa is supposed to be like.

But I love their Complimentary Fries and Eggplant to eat with the Shawarma!

Thanks again @Ns1. :slight_smile:

Tel Aviv Grill is still very good and one of my favorites for Chicken Shawarma in L.A. I think I preferTa-Eem Grill’s version for its crispy edges from searing the Shawarma on the flattop grill before serving (that textural contrast is amazing), and Ta-Eem’s Israeli Salads, Harissa and Skhug/Zhoug Sauces and Pitas are still tops as well.

But now with Tel Aviv Grill moving closer to parts of L.A. outside of the Valley (in 2 weeks), it’ll be a great option when we’re in that general area. And their portions are fantastic: This Chicken Shawarma Laffa was enough to feed 2 - 3 people for $13.95. :slight_smile:

Tel Aviv Grill
(Current Address)
19014 Ventura Blvd.
Tarzana, CA 91356
Tel: (818) 774-9400

(NEW Address in Mid-May 2018)
17201 Ventura Blvd.
Encino, CA 91316
Tel: (818) 784-4080


The whole time reading this I assumed you meant the one in Valley Village was moving since it is an old location. But after you added photos and the review I see you’re saying that the fairly new location in Tarzana is the one going to Encino.

Hi @Gr8pimpin,

Ah that’s right, they had a 2nd location before. I always thought this one in Tarzana was their “main / original” location because when I was first visiting and called them ahead of time (last year), they told me the Tarzana location was “bigger” and “has the full menu.” Thanks.

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nice, you go to our spots for lamb tongue? pretty sweet… pops brought us a spread couple weeks ago with a bunch of uzbek plov (just ok)

interesting news about Tel Aviv… i was one of their original supporters when they were inside the Market.

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Oh man, what a bummer! We really liked the vibe of itzik Hagadol and enjoyed leisurely lunches there noshing on the salads, hummus and their bread while chatting away.

So tonight driving by the old location in Tarzana, there’s a banner hanging that says “COMING SOON: TEL AVIV FISH GRILL. The logo on the banner was the same as Tel Aviv Grill’s logo, colors and everything. I wonder if it’s the same owners or if there are new owners just trying to capitalize on the old name and maybe save money on signage?

Hi @Gr8pimpin,

Oh thanks for the reminder. I found out recently that the owners are planning on using the old Tel Aviv space to serve Fish dishes(!). But none of the original menu. So it looks like they are going through with that plan, and they’ll move the original Tel Aviv staff and beloved menu to the new location (Itzik’s old space).

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Drove by the new location in Encino, today, and it was open with lots of diners on what looks like a patio out front.

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We finally got a chance to try the new location of Tel Aviv Grill, after it moved slightly closer to the Westside (in the former location of Itzik Hagadol). Walking in, the new Tel Aviv is massive compared to its original location, easily 300% - 400% of the size of the old location. :open_mouth:

You still walk up and order at a counter, and then walk over to choose what Israeli Salads you’d like to accompany your order:

Chicken Shawarma + Lamb Shawarma Plate:

The Chicken Shawarma is as moist and tender as the old location, nicely seasoned and zestier than Ta-Eem Grill’s version. Tasty! :slight_smile:

The Lamb Shawarma was something we never had at the old location. It’s a bit on the saltier side, and not as interesting as their Chicken (and we love Lamb normally).

Israeli Salads:

As before, Tel Aviv Grill’s weakness is their selection and seasoning of their Israeli Salads that accompany each dish. They are fine, but they’re all pretty straightforward in taste. Ta-Eem’s Israeli Salads are more flavorful, distinct and standout.

The Hummus was a bit liquidy, but still a great match with the Chicken Shawarma.

The other weak point is that Tel Aviv Grill only gives you 1 Pita per Plate order (whereas Ta-Eem gives you 2 - 4 pieces and you can ask for more for no extra charge). The Pita here is warmed up and decently fluffy, much better than most places “Pita” (Hockey Puck) around L.A.

A huge bonus for Tel Aviv is that they happily serve you a free side order of Fries and Eggplant to enjoy with each dish you order. :slight_smile:

Tel Aviv Glatt Kosher Grill
17201 Ventura Blvd.
Encino, CA 91316
Tel: (818) 774-9400