Temecula--1 day, one night birthday get-away

Since the last mention was a year old, I wanted to try for an update. We’ll be driving up from SD early, and spending the night at the Pala Casino Resort. I’m looking for either an alternative to a Sunday Brunch buffet at the Casino, or lunch/breakfast on Monday. We love all kinds of food, so if you have a favorite or a new hot spot I’d love to hear about it.

I apologize for the late response, but for some reason I wasn’t able to access FTC-SD for the past several days.

My DH companion and I stayed at Ponte Vineyard Inn for three nights earlier this year and were fortunate enough to have scored a very special suite on the second floor in the new building, the one furthest from the main building.

We had a dinner on the patio of the Bouquet Restaurant, which is scenic, peaceful, and refreshing. They had just finished remodeling the interior of that restaurant at the time. I recall very much enjoying the food, although honestly I don’t recall what it was. Of course we shared a bottle of one of their wines, which are good if not great.

The restaurant across from the vineyard, The Restaurant at the Ponte, is supposedly even better, food-wise, but I don’t have first-hand experience.

Our favorite winery in Temecula, by the way, is Hart.

P.S. - I intended to include that the Bouquet Restaurant does have a Sunday brunch, with the caveat being that I haven’t personally been to it, only mentioning that we did enjoy the one meal we’ve had there. I’m extrapolating, I guess.

Thanks for the response. I will keep Bouquet on the list. I intend to hit one winery, so appreciate the recc for Hart. I was thinking of Palomar, but your recc gives me an alternative!.