Temecula - One Dinner

We’re in Temecula for a training and wondering if we should enjoy dinner at a winery or another restaurant before making the journey back to L.A.

Anyone familiar with the area?


One place I’ll suggest is the Bouquet Restaurant at the Ponte Vineyard. The indoor area has just been re-done and is very nice. The outdoor area is more “atmospheric”, weather permitting.

Excellent food and good service.

It’s been years, but I remember the restaurants at Baily and South Coast Wineries being pretty good.

Thanks for the tips everyone. At the end of the training, we were exhausted. The thought of stopping to eat, then stopping to charge our EV was more stacking than we wanted. So we headed to Lazy Dog Cafe and ordered Boar Chili with Cornbread Fries, Lamb Shank Pot Pie, and their famous butter cake with strawberry compote and mint. Chased it down with two samplers of their beer all while the car charged upstairs.

It was perfect for us. Had never been to a Lazy Dog Cafe and thought for a chain, it provided a very reliable and satisfying meal.

The wineries were hopping!

Thanks for the feedback, chewchow. Sounds like you had a nice meal at the Lazy Dog.

Next time you’re in Temecula, though, and don’t want to venture out to a vineyard for a lingering dining experience, you might want to look into Soro’s Mediterranean Grill, which is right in town, near the park. Another good choice for a faster meal (although I’m not sure of the hours) is E.A.T., also right in town.