Temecula wineries

BHeading down to Temecula this weekend for a wedding. We have enough time to perhaps try one or two places. While, I’ve been to Temecula on a few occasions, and have yet to find some gems that I love. We generally drink cabs (and are members) of Napa wine clubs.
Previous Temecula stops:
South Coast
Wilson Creek
De Anza


Try Palumbo, Baily, and Wiens. Of the ones on your list I’d’ve recommended only Doffo. JMHO.

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We are Ponte wine club members. Leoness is good, and has a nice restaurant. Wilson Creek is fun and happening - we enjoy it there but it can get busy.

We also like Danza del Sol and Mount Palomar. We went to Doffo a few months ago but didn’t care for their wines.

We had time to run over to Baily. We split a tasting, and while the wines were good…I’m still not sure I can get on the Temecula wine train. Thanks for the advice…this was much better than all the other wineries I’ve tried on previous trips!

The Temecula train is OK for a wine experience if you:

  1. Don’t have time to visit anything North of Ventura.
  2. Understand that it’s not going to be special compared with most of what’s in #1.
  3. Are on a bachelorette outing.
  4. Keep it in perspective… or are just looking to say you visited some California wineries.

The few wineries that are decent to good can make for a nice time if you select well.

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