Terrific Eater LA piece: Biriyani Kabob House

I am too lazy to see if we mentioned it here before but it sure sounds great


Went years ago around when they first opened and I lived much closer. So happy to hear they’re doing well! The owner was very personable. For another taste of the local flavor, you can go across the street and get a cheap bottle of beer at the Monte Carlo bar.


I’ve been semi-regular there since they opened in the Chowhound era. I think I included a passing mention of this place on FTC several years back


Love to see Enam get some press! Been going there for years. Surprised they didn’t get any stories from him about working at The Ivy in the 80s (his Trump & Nancy Reagan ones are :pinched_fingers:)


Had it years ago recall it being tasty but it’s been a long time.

Generally, I’ve been displeased with the DTLA location and pleased with the Koreatown location.

Actually, I retract my positive statement about the Koreatown location after delivery from there last night. It’s not as good as I remembered. All the food was bland.

Okay. I thought it was me. Compared to Zam Zam, I found their Biriyani Bland. Only been to the K-Town location.

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