Thai near LAX? Urgent

The chow pup is passing through LAX on his way from Paris to Chicago this pm and now has a longer layover then he thought he would, but not much more. Is there any decent Thai food to be found within 5 miles of LAX?

Ayara Luk its owned by the children I believe of the people who own ayara which is neighborhood thai spot in westchester.

It’s not nearly as good as anything in thai town, but I think its probably your best bet. They do both classics and more “modern/fusiony” dishesūk-westchester-5

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May be too “West-sider- ized” for him; that “flatbread”, for instance, and peaches in the duck salad…
…anything else, or are we treking to LAX to get him, schlepping him back to Thaitown, and then BACK to LAX?

Lol tell your kid not to order those dishes. Plenty of classic thai style dishes on the menu that taste great also. Even Night + Market which I assume you’re familiar with (based on your handle) has westernized/westsiderized dishes.

If he wants the feeling like he’s 3 miles off khao san road eating at some hole in the wall mom and pop noodle restaurant, I guess you’re gonna have to go to east hwood or just buy him a plane ticket to thailand…

Did this guy save your life in Nam? That is a lot of trekking!


I wanted to like Araya Thai but kept getting no one for my server. :wink:

Ayara Thai is pretty legit. You can get better in Thai Town but not so much better that I think it’s worth the schlep.

Well, he IS my kid, and he’s been entirely self-supporting since he got out of college five years ago, and is about to go back to biz school on his own dime, so I figured some driving to get him good Thai food is not a lot for him to ask…


He’s actually BEEN there (Thailand/Cambodia) AND done that. He also spent two years in Seattle bemoaning the lack of decent somtum, (ended up making it himself…) so whenever he passes through, even briefly, we try and accomodate his cravings.

You could get takeout from someplace like Spicy BBQ or Luv2Eat.

Araya Thai is closed for remodeling. Araya Luk is not exactly the same place.

Great, him, me, and a ton of other people, if you’re willing schlep there and back it sounds like you’re a really accommodating parent… congrats but that drive is :poop:y. Good luck!

Why not bring the food to him since you live near Hollywood? Then go enjoy it at the beach



Super - there’s no real options for you and I am sure you will have a nice amount of time to catch-up on the drive. Please let us know what Eastside place you went to and how the chow was.

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You just listed the “Avoid” kind of stuff. The menu isn’t large but has enough “great for not-Thai Town” dishes to make a meal for most.

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How long is the layover? Not only is there no decent Thai food near LAX, there is no decent food at all.

I’d go with @JeetKuneBao’s suggestion, and bring some food from Hollywood.

There’s decent food near-ish LAX, though not Thai. Jamaican food at Front Page Grille or Hungry Joe’s , Panns for diner fare (unfortunately now breakfast & lunch only), Coni’s Seafood isn’t that far away… Those are just off the top of my head :smiley_cat:

Actually, found a perfectly OK, (if not significantly more than OK) Greek kebab place attached to a motel, down by the airport, the last time the Pup passed through. Be damned if I can remember the name of it…

Aliki’s Greek Taverna. I believe

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I personally would skip Aliki’s. Used to be decent but last couple of visits were not great. And that place ain’t cheap.

Does your kid like spicy Pakistani chicken? Because Chargha House isn’t too far from LAX:

PS: Also Grimaldi’s in El Segundo isn’t too far from LAX. Very, very good coal-fired pizza.

Aliki’s it was indeed.