Thai Street Food in Pasadena?

As I turned from Lake onto Union in Pasadena, I saw saw a large sign in my mirror reading "THAI STREET FOOD.’ Anyone got info on this?

Wow. That sounds fuckingg dope.

The seemingly despondent part is that you didn’t investigate further.

Hence, you seriously let us fucking down.

Imma take that as a No.

I see it’s called Chim, Thai Street Food. It’s not open yet.

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OK, so I got some take out here the other night. It’s Thai Street Food in the sense that it is fairly simple dishes such as vendors would sell on the streets in Thailand. Except, it seems like it’s pretty much what most Thai places serve, just fewer selections. Anyway, I got some pretty good Crab Rangoons (actually, I don’t recall seeing this on your average Thai menu), some decent red curry and some good Pad Thai.