Thailand Recs

Anyone have any recs for Bangkok / Chiang Mai or elsewhere?
Not necessarily high end michelin stuff, but just best of best.

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I’ve got a Chef friend in Bangkok, who used to run food operations at a resort in Chiang Mai. Let me shoot him an email and see if I can get some current intel for you!

Might want to poke around the Asia Pacific category on HungryOnion - I’ve read some Thailand posts there.

Street food. IIRC it was squid and the server automatically poured the beer over ice!

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I came here to ask the same question so figured I’d tag along in this thread. Heading to those two cities next month.
Just to share what we have on our list so far -
Chiang Mai

  • Khao Soi Khun Yai
  • Lat Na Nam Chai for the pad see ew


  • Wana Yook
  • Likhit Gai Yang
  • Haoma
  • Kor Panit’s Sticky Rice
  • Jidori Cuisine Ken

We’d love to add some more options if anyone has any recs (or if we should cross any of these off??) thanks!