Thank you for being here

As another Chowhound survivor, I am so thrilled to find this board and remove CH from my “top sites” pages, where has resided for years. I’m assuming that the plethora of “fucking” in the posts here is a response to some puerile restrictions imposed at CH during its death throes.

I do a lot of traveling, and used to depend on CH in different cities for dining tips. I’m hoping that this board will become national or international in scope. My favorite of CH’s local boards was the one in Seattle, which was really informed and opinionated. That’s where I found out about Salumi, which was the only restaurant about which nobody posted “it’s not as good as it used to be.”

In other cities, the discourse was less elevated. In one city, I was referred to the world’s worst barbecue, in another city it was claimed that the best Italian restaurant in town was Olive Garden. Even in LA, I read that Cactus Tacqueria was “high quality,” when it actually turned out to be a downgrade from Henry’s Tacos, serving nothing edible.

Anyway, I’m happy to welcome myself to this board, and to see so many familiar names. Chow lives, even after the Hounds are put down.


Welcome, @farmertomato - glad to see you here!

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I hope Seattle will get some action one of these days. We visit our daughter there and, after seeing the grandson, dining is the thing :slight_smile:

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Hi farmertomato,

Welcome to FTC.

I’m a Portland-based hound (formerly Los Angeles). Please contribute to the Pacific NW board-- you’ll be the first one to talk about Seattle, and have a unique opportunity to set the tone for your city!

I look forward to reading your posts.
Mr Taster

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"I’m assuming that the plethora of “fucking” in the posts here is a
response to some puerile restrictions imposed at CH during its death
throes. "

Me as well. Hopefully it will gradually become less prevalent.


Hi farmertomato,

Welcome to FTC. We’re glad to have you. :smile: (I was an LA Hound that found refuge here.)

Part of the cussing is in response to CH’s pervasive moderating at the end, but part of it is an in-joke on the LA Boards with Kevin, a longtime LA Hound that would drop a cuss word from time to time. He got banned, then exiled himself after he got reinstated, and he’s been missing for a long time on CH. So it’s kind of a “welcome back” and “we’re free” thing at least in the threads here and there you see it pop up on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Regardless, glad to see you here and can’t wait to read about your recs.

I’m not actually from Seattle–I’m a traveling musician, and I visit a lot of cities. I mentioned Seattle because the food-obsessed people there seems really knowledgable and determined. I’m actually in LA, which is why my first post was on that board, but I see it’s thoughtfully been moved to where it belonged.

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My personal preference is to use ‘fucking’ as a verb more often than as an adjective, but I’m cool with it either way.

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Welcome @farmertomato! Now mind your fucking language or else I’m telling my parents. LOL.

With much love,

Your daughter-law

So what are you saying here ? If we don’t comply there will be bans ? I see you are a moderator . The first shot over the bow .

No, just that at some point maybe we can converse like adults rather than 9-year-olds who’ve learned a new word.

I’m not obscenity averse…I can blister paint with profanity in several languages, but it doesn’t have to be every third word…at that point the message is lost to noise, much like ums, uhs, like, and you know.


Not just going to hit ‘like.’ I can only do it in one language but I do it with great aplomb :slight_smile: But I have gotten quite tired of ‘fuck’ unless you want to :slight_smile:


I don’t know if swearing is forbidden - just my personal viewpoint. Not a “first shot” whatsoever - I just personally don’t appreciate gratuitous swearing - I find it juvenile. To each their own, however.


Welcome, farmer. I’m on the right coast, just north of Boston MA and near the coast as it happens, but used to read other boards on “the site which must not be mentioned” in advance of either traveling to or contributing recos of places to which I have traveled. I actually stayed pretty much on the Home Cooking board however.

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Ditto. Juvenile really is the best word. And after enough of it it becomes distracting and then annoying.


Exactly. Using it in context is fine (“their fried chicken is fucking amazing!”) but to use it just because you can is juvenile, like you said (this coming from someone with a 12 year old who is testing his cursing limits). I’m sure the person using it has a lot of great info to share, but I don’t even want to read the posts because of the excessive cursing and the apparently broken question mark key. I’m sure it’s my loss, but oh well.


Completely agree.

I just refuse to respond to anything with excessive F bombs and question marks.

Which is a shame because that poster is pretty good at writing when not going F bomb happy.


It’s an artistic voice that I happen to find has panache. Pissing off the elders, BFD, it’s not the intent. No need for rules style guides and put downs.


Pissed off? No.
Elder? Not really.
Offended? Not even remotely.

Profanity is like salt (salty language even). When applied judiciously it enhances the flavor and can raise the bland and mundane to appetizing and enjoyable. Too much makes it unpleasant, way too much makes it impossible to taste anything but salt, and makes one wonder if the cook even knows any other technique than salting the hell out of everything.


Short memories. Our last site fell apart when the mods started wholesale editing and rule making. Hell I got expelled from school. So did others. I’m just not seeing the big deal and trying to focus on food and fun and positive support for my fellow F’kers.