Thank you for being here

I’m on the older side and have to admit that I find what he’s doing to be rather juvenile. So far I’m only moderately put off by the obviously gratuitous f-bombing. My concern, though, is with what you said in your quote above. I hope he reads that and considers the possibility.


I’m so grateful to be here. Thank you, Ipse. for inviting me. Fun to be with the cool kids!

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Well I’m gonna stick around for a bit and see how this board does. It already looks better than Chowhound and I refuse to support the Eater discussion boards, thats a total joke.

I have simply accepted the fact that he is our blasphemer-in-residence. And that ain’t no joke. Most days.

to all of you who would like to be the Profanity Police:

One of the most WONDERFUL things about this board, imho, is that each of us gets to speak in OUR OWN voice.
this means that i LIKE AND APPRECIATE that someone can use profanity.
we are all adults and we all know how to skip over posts we don’t like.
the whole PUNISHING PARENT view that you are expressing affects me more negatively than the frequent use of profanity affects you.

what a bummer to have to listen to your proposed rules about expression.
how about you guys just skip what you don’t like without trying to control anyone else==maybe focus your efforts at being overbearing and at being “better than” somewhere else?

i think it’s extremely noteworthy, that Kevin, NEVER EVER attacked anyone else’s style, nor substance.
what you guys are doing is, imho, a horrible example of MEAN GIRL behavior–no more than that.


i ADORE kevin’s writing.
apparently i wasn’t alone, because on the old board, his threads were the basis of more posts than anyone elses.
nobody else even came close.


Kevin is a culinary savant . Always liked his writing . I’m with you WSG . Do not let this fucking site turn into that shit show patrolled by fucking asshole moderators with their head up the bosses ass. If you don’t like profanity . Look away


good idea, catholiver, how about you ACTUALLY do that instead of nit picking another poster’s style?

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The thing with Kevin’s profanity is that it’s mostly gratuitous and without apparent purpose other than to either provoke others or just satisfy his own need to do it. He doesn’t use it that way on his blog, so I’m assuming it’s a release for him here. It only bothers me enough to try to see if it’s possible to kid him out of it. That will get tiresome soon.


He has a blog ? Which Kevin are we talking about here ?

midlife: please tell us all about kevin’s blog.
i’m all ears.
after we read it, we can ALL then speculate baselessly about his “purpose.”

WSGal. You must understand that there is a level where profanity is acceptable or even necessary and a level where it is excessive and inappropriate.

Everyone’s tolerance is different.

Respect that point of view as much as you are asking others to tolerate the level of profanity.

I personally find his writing more valuable without it. Others the complete opposite.

I think the point has been made by both parties and are equally valid.

Time for everyone to accept and move on.


Very interesting to see who’s different here. I’m not taking your bait westsidegal.


Porthos , Try H.onion . Maybe it’s more your style . Just saying . Same to you Mid.L if there’s a problem for you .

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All of the opinions that have been expressed here are valid, and have been thoughtfully expressed.

Barring those who disagree with one’s own opinions would be censoring in and of itself, wouldn’t it?


Perhaps it’s now time to end this sub-discussion on grammar and language. The pros/cons have been both expressed, eloquently on both sides no less, and there’s really no further point in sussing out the issue any more. Any additional comments on this issue and it will inevitably border on personal attacks (if it hasn’t already).

If there are instances of improper language use (either vulgar, abusive, inflammatory, or all of the above), flag it and the issue will be examined on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you for understanding.


you misunderstood me.
i am NOT “asking others to tolerate”
i am saying that these “others” have the tools and the capability to filter out what they don’t want and that they should use those tools RATHER THAN TRY TO CENSOR someone else’s posting ( in a belittling/insulting way, no less) which would affect MY experience.

i really don’t want to have your idea of what “profanity is acceptable” to be seen as something with which i agree AT ALL.
the whole idea that you are commenting on a food board about what profanity is “necessary,” to me, is overstepping on your part.
of course, KEVIN, himself, has WAY TOO MUCH CLASS to characterize and demean his critics THE WAY THAT YOU/THEY ARE DOING TO HIM!!!

really, look at the words that you and your sympathizers are using to characterize him:
examples of truly disgusting schoolyard bullying.

Actually you can’t filter out posts by a specific user. It still pops up as visible. That was addressed in previous threads.

Your reaction is overboard. No one is criticizing Kevin. In fact, we all comment on how valuable his writing is.

The only bullying and meangirl responses I see are coming from you and Emglow.

This is my last post on the topic.

Ha! We Show and Tell but as for show business…

hmmm, not sure that is true…he has I believe