Thanksgiving Cooking, Not Gonna Do It

Decided we’re not going to roast a turkey this year. Instead, we want to buy a delicious whole roasted turkey from a grocer or restaurant. Recommendations welcome and appreciated. Good idea or no? I want to hear from those that think I’m making a mistake and those that have had a good experience with a take out turn key turkey.

If you can get your hands on a smoked turkey…those things are delicious. Not sure what your geographic needs are, but I find that your local smokehouse/BBQ joint may offer that.

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Get a turducken

Will travel for turkey. I see on IG Bludso’s is smoking turkeys. I’ll wait another week or two to see who else pops up on IG before I pull the trigger.

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I’ve heard they’re delicious. Anybody selling one cooked?

DO NOT order a smoked turkey from Greenbergs. It was on Oprah’s best of list. It’s terrible. Dry, salty, overcooked and flavorless. I cannot emphasize this enough. It’s terrible. Ruined one of our recent Thanksgiving meals.

We used to order a smoked turkey from Oklahoma Joe’s in KC but they stopped shipping them. Absolutely amazing. Moist and juicy. The first year we thought the turkey wasn’t cooked bc some parts were pink, almost looked like ham. Everybody still talks about this turkey. On Goldbelly you can have smoked turkey breasts from Ok Joe’s shipped.

There are a couple of Lockhart BBQ joints that ship turkeys during Thanksgiving. I think we are going to try one this year.


Kreuz Market


You should really roast a Turkey. Easier than roasting a chicken. Even though you want to go out and buy one . While knows how long it’s been sitting around.

I’m intrigued, I didn’t know this is a thing. Please explain this to me, they ship a whole smoked turkey several thousand miles and it’s still tastes good and is fresh and ok to eat? Do they have to overnight it or ship it ground and then it arrives Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving?

Look, I can do it. I would cook a damn fine turkey I’m sure, but I don’t want to cook a turkey. It’s too involved and not fun. I’d rather put my energy into making key lime pie with key limes from my yard and a side or two. My wife is pregnant and doesn’t want to deal with a turkey this year either hence the post.


You are correct.

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Go with a Chinese turkey, Chinese restaurants make a full turkey to order.


Another intriguing suggestion. I like this. I don’t like the idea of driving to San Gabriel valley from Woodland Hills but a Peking turkey sounds delicious.


The good places usually smoke the turkey then freeze it. They ship overnight on dry ice. All you need to do is reheat the turkey with some bacon slices on top of the turkey. It still retains the moisture and flavor. You don’t have to slave over the turkey with basting and cooking all day. The best part is that the smoked turkey is much better than any roast turkey I’ve ever had.


My parents, who live in Orange County, sometimes get a tandoori turkey and loads of veggie sides (for my vegetarian sister) from their fave indian resto in Irvine. Always sounded good to me. I always get a capon for thanksgiving.


Name of restaurant?

Just confirmed with the OC clan, this is it -


Gelson’s does a good job. You can order a small, medium or large.


Em, you might like this old recipe from Sunset for Turkey Loco, part of a Southwestern Thanksgiving menu. Probably 20 years ago. Cooks in an hour and a half and doesn’t use the oven.

Here’s an article about the original menu.