Thanksgiving lunch or dinner in a restaurant, hav eyou ever done it


would you recommend it and where ???


and that’s fucking no fucking joke.

considering this here I may have to do just that.

I did Thanksgiving at Craft and Saddle Peak Lodge and they were both wonderful. Did Scarpetta when they used to do that wonderful buffet. Did Melisse one year and it was surprisingly disappointing …Taking my son to Buca Di Beppo this year in Cleveland cause nothing else is open….

Cleveland ??? what in fuck’s name you doing in Cleveland ???

Oberlin College :scream: Spending my holiday with my son…Plus I can bring home beef Jerky!


smart kid.

good thing he doesn’t take after his popps.

just joking Wiener.

beef jerky sounds fucking dope. and hmmm CN five-way chili ???

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That’s Cincinnati not Cleveland…but they have pretty good polish food! and we are seeing Lebron…. Photo The University Inn Cleveland

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Have also done Lawry’s The Prime Rib which was great and the Charthouse which was terrible…You think Clifton’s is open?

Also open
the little door
Napa Valley Grill
Nick and Stef’s
The Pikey
Ruth Chris
Wolfgang’s Steak house
Most of the SGV
Bludsos will be open Thanksgiving Thursday from 9AM-12PM for preorders only
Pann’s will be open 8am to 4pm serving Holiday Brunch and Lunch
and of course
The Stinking Rose
Have a great Holiday!

Yes . On the road and stopped at some shithole restaurant in LA awhile back with my ex wife . It was double fucking depressing .

Weinermobile -

What a hoot, until my folks passed I spent every Thanksgiving in Cleveland - I would have invited you to my folks. (My dad was a killer cook.)

Cleveland actually does have a small chinatown and they would probably be open for dim sum in the day, regular food at night. Do you want me to check for you?

Westside Market! Huzzah!

You should also check out Presti’s Bakery in Little Italy. Killer.

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About fifteen years ago my wife and I drove to Mexico and went to Puerto Nuevo for lobster dinner. Our Thanksgiving dinner had grown to like 25, and we had to put people off the scent by leaving the country.

Didn’t work. They were back the next year.

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United Lounge at EWR.

Not by choice.

The peanut M&Ms were fresh. Free booze. Shower was nice.

What more can a person ask for on Thanksgiving?


Happybaker: My son and his friends are actually excited about ordering everything on the menu at Buca Di Beppo, very very hungry college students…but thanks so much for the offer. Anywhere else you recommend for our Clevland weekend? Yes to Slyman’s corned beef!

Weiner – your boy wants quantity? I can give you quantity! Deli or baked goods, easy peasy.

Will you be there for more than a day? Any interest in art or architecture?

Yes to all… Thanks!

I’ll go there if I have no fucking else where to go which is highly likely. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

Actually, Scarpetta has gone back to the buffets for both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year!


Awesome W, I’ll write up a list and message you.

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Please please please please message me too with the list. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: