Thanksgiving Pies

We usually get the pecan pie from Pie Hole in Orange but they changed the recipe. There are no pecans in the filling itself anymore so its more of a custard based type filling. They still add the pecans on top but we felt it was a bit unbalanced. We are likely going to try another place.

I just saw an IG post from Republique. They make fabulous pies but has anybody had their pecan pie? It looked delicious. I’m scouting Laroloo and Fat N Flour for their pies as well.

Any other suggestions for good pies? I’m mostly in the market for pecan pie and apple pie. Preferably in the OC or DTLA area but will take any suggestions.

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Laroolou at Far east Plaza has a seasonable pie they sell at Amboy the apple cheddar pie which is crazy good. oh! she also has a mini pecan pie that she sells at Amboy

95 likes, 10 comments - Laroolou (@laroolou) on Instagram: "Don’t knock it till you try it you basic 🍎🥧 friends 😉 #autumn #applepie #notyourbasica..."

Amboy has the pecan pie right now but I’m not sure if my wife will approve. I’ll have to taste test before Thanksgiving.

$11 for the Life’s Good
By Laroolou. Pecans, chocolate, bourbon and a flakey crust.


Add the Gwen Pie Room to your list! They’re great, especially for smaller size pies that aren’t single serving.


Crustees - pecan sweet potato pie and peach cobbler


Fat & Flour will be nuts (always is) so watch their social for when preorders go up.


Cafe 86 has an ube crack pie and a mais con yelo pie for preorder. Haven’t tried them before, but I did like their ube flan cupcakes. The NY Times adapted their ube pie recipe.

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I’m not a huge fan of crack pie. I’ve only had the Milk Bar crack pie a few times and it was meh. It did nothing for me. Although maybe that shouldn’t count for much because 'm not a fan of the Milk Bar. Tried the NY and Vegas shops multiple times and have tried pretty much everything on the menu. Not impressed. Soft serve ice cream is terrible and the absolute worst consistency, cakes look beautiful, the cookies are ok but most items are cloyingly sweet. I’ll take Republique, Fat N Flour, Laraloo and Blackmarket pastries any day over Milk Bar.


Any suggestions on pecan pies? I looked through some of the topics throughout the years, but there doesn’t seem to be a consensus.

I’m waiting to see what Fat N Flour posts over the next few weeks. I’ve never had the pecan pie at Republique but it looks gorgeous. Our fall back option will be Pie Hole.

Most old pecan pie recipes have a corn syrup and sugar custard goo filling with pecans on top, but I prefer the ones that are full of nuts. Also prefer Lyle’s Golden Syrup over Karo.

Don’t sleep on the pecan pie from The Apple Pan

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house of gluten by hannah ziskin

How is the cherry cream pie? Have you tried that?

Not yet. But The Apple Pan pumpkin cream pie is in season now, and it is delightful…


mold is gratis


I want to know how this place is still in business.


I know someone who works there. She said they’re still popping.

When she interviewed six months ago they were like, so you’ve heard about what we’ve gone through and she was like look I need a job


Enough of her customers don’t know, don’t care, or like the place enough to give her another chance.

They probably don’t read the trades.

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