Thanksgiving takeout from L.A. restaurants 2022? - List them here

It’s time once again for the annual rundown of restaurants offering Thanksgiving meals for pickup. I’m especially interested in any that aren’t for massive families. I’m not looking for full turkeys with fixings for 8 or more. I’m looking for options for 1 or 2, if there are any.

Two years ago, there were many options. Last year, The Cat & Fiddle’s takeout Thanksgiving meal was perfect, and was about the only place I found that offered individual portions.


The “fewest” servings I’ve found so far (didn’t know about The Cat & Fiddle) is Melisse x Citrin’s take out for $300 (serves “2 – 4”).

The only individual option I’ve seen was at Rutt’s Cafe:

Clementine has a Thanksgiving package that serves 2-3:


pasjoli is doing something for $140pp; it seems 1-2people is a valid option on Tock.

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We cook our own turkey and make our own turkey soup and a few other items but supplemented our meal with two “Thanksgiving Dinners” from Holy Cow BBQ.

Each feeds 4-6, so we needed two. Probably will do it again this year, too.

Thanks for the reminder. I had totally skipped over pasjoli in my mind b/c, IIRC, we had tried it 2 yrs ago and were not particularly fond of any of the dishes (and thus it wasn’t something I was looking at this yr). :frowning: It’s like they were trying very hard to be creative, and I would’ve just preferred if they had kept it simple.

Speaking of places in Santa Monica, that reminded me to look at Lunetta. They are offering a per person takeout menu (takeout is more expensive than is dine in):

I know the thread is take out, but I’m thinking of doing Dear John’s, Shutters, or Charcoal since they all have outdoor (!) options for Thanksgiving.

A few new options.
Mastros Ocean Club
Slab BBQ

Excellent! Thank you, these are exactly the sort I was looking for.

Does anyone known any others in the same vein? If so, keep 'em coming.

Ms. Chi is offering meals they say feed 2-4, no Turkey but Tea Smoked Duck, Prime Rib and Roast Goose with sides and a salad. Available on Tock.

For any South OC folks who don’t want to cook. Heritage BBQ has a load of smoked meats and sides but definitely for a larger party.

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Maple Block has a Friendsgiving that they charge per person


Du-Par’s on 3rd and Fairfax is offering individual turkey dinners for $29.95 each including a slice of pie.

Might do this or just get Korean stuffed chicken at Jun Won Dak and get pie from Du-Par’s.


That’s my plan :ok_woman::sweat_smile::joy:

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Thanks! Maple Block was where I went in 2020. Last year, it was The Cat & Fiddle.

Laurent Quenioux is doing Turkey Porchetta-style. Yum! Nice QPR too. $10 delivery.

Ordered his cassoulet last week for delivery and my friend from Nice thought it was the best he’d had in the US.

Chicken Pot Pies :pie: sold out :cry:. Hoping he has them next week. If anyone did order them, please post!


Also, the deboned stuff Duck :duck: from Sands in Irwindale or stuffed chicken from Duck House in MP makes for a great Turkey alternative.

Socalo also has a Thanksgiving for 2:

Thanksgiving for 2

For 2 Guests (reheating instructions included):

  • Roasted turkey with herbed gravy
  • Sautéed kale, swiss chard, dandelion greens
  • Honey lime yams
  • Cranberry relish
  • Smashed fingerling potatoes with chimichurri



Have yet to try Heritage but have to say that $200 for a 5-6lb brisket is kinda steep. No? But they’ve already sold out so I must be wrong about that.

I think that is the going rate for high end bbq these days. Comparable brisket prices
Franklin $34 per lb
Horn BBQ $38 per lb


I had a good one from Bar Ama a couple years ago! They’re doing it again: