The $20 Dollar Eclair. La Peite Paris Downtown

LA Times just did a story on Le Petit Paris’s $20 Eclair. Has anyone been in this new beautiful restaurant yet? (photos from LA Times)

two word review: fuck that.

recommendation: go to Chaumont in BH and get 4 of their delicious but less overpriced eclairs instead (choc, mocha, vanilla, sometimes strawberry or raspberry cream, sometimes pistachio cream).

PS. Out of disbelief I went to the webpage and checked price and it wasn’t $20…was $22.


At least their Croque Monsieur is only $12

Where’s the gold foil?


The Parisian influence seems strong, sort of like prices at a “drugstore” on the Champs Elysees.


I hope they’ve since fixed the a/c cuz I wouldn’t wanna pay $20 for any dessert while sweating balls due to the stuffy “lobby” air.

Couldn’t get out of there fast enough just so my schlong would get unstuck from my thigh.


That’s what the gold foil is for.

Gold Bond, Gold Foil, whatevs…

Oh fuck. I cracked up so hard I almost spit out my dinner.

Two fried chicken legs from Krispy Krunvhy chicken.

Fish flautas.

Candied yams.

Mac n cheese.

Whitefish filet with beans.

And one of those sweet honey biscuits.


Hey wienermobile,

My thoughts? See JJ’s post, LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:

$22 for an eclair?! What, did they stuff it with Foie Gras or White Truffles?

I wonder if this is their attempt to out duel Scarpetta’s $24 Spaghetti (w/ tomato sauce) (the size of an appetizer)? :stuck_out_tongue:

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To be fair:

I believe the eclair is proverbial cake size.

I think.

But then I could very fucking wrong as I uduslly am.

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Does the price include the health care surcharge?

Keep up the excellence

J_L_, you’re good. Shaq sends his love.

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This. The LA Times article says that, “The grand éclair just happens to be the size of your forearm.” Depending on how big your particular forearm is, the $22 doesn’t seem quite so insane, IMHO.

If it’s Shaq’s forearm, it works out to a very reasonable $0.37 per square foot.

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Who’s Shaq ???

Did he replace Sergio in the fucking kitchen ???

I was there last Saturday and my post is below. There were no a/c issues and the room is very pretty. It’s not yet quite as good as I expect it to become.

kudos for crediting, wien.